10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and most of us haven’t yet considered what we’re going to buy for our family and friends. Instead of waiting until the last few weeks or days to pick up some gifts on a whim, plan ahead.

Below, we outline some unique gifts that will please a wide variety of demographics. Many of them are housewares that everyone can use. Thankfully, affordable housewares are not mutually exclusive from unique housewares.

Bath Trays

This is one of the more underrated holiday gifts. You can pick up bath trays with a holiday theme or a traditional design. Your recipient will be able to store bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash on these within the shower and not leave any residue.

Cutting Boards

Nowadays, cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes. Some are holiday themed while others can be personalized with messages that are unique to the gift recipient. Consider ordering one now so that there is enough time for it to be personalized and shipped out. This way, you can wrap it in time for the holidays.

 Personalized Towels

Everyone appreciates a gift that is unique to themselves. Go the extra distance and pick up a towel set that is personalized with the recipient’s initials, name or a holiday message. He’ll think of you whenever he uses his unique towels.

Bottle Stopper Sets

If your gift recipient enjoys alcohol or carbonated beverages, he’ll appreciate a bottle stopper set. You can choose from an almost endless number of bottle stoppers, so spend some time picking out a collection that your recipient will particularly enjoy.

Holiday Throw Pillows

Pick out some festive throw pillows that will complement your recipient’s living room couch. Throw pillows add that extra bit of comfort that can make an enormous difference during the harsh winters. Pick out some large and fluffy throws that are firm enough provide ample back support and you won’t disappoint.

Holiday Spoon Rests

Everyone can use a spoon rest for the kitchen. The market is flooded with holiday themed spoon rests with images of snowmen, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, reindeer and more. Not only does a spoon rest add to a home’s festive spirit, it also prevents messes in the kitchen.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas


While everyone has a bed and sheets, some don’t have a down comforter, duvet or duvet cover. Pick out a down comforter or duvet to add extra support and warmth to your recipient’s bed. Duvets are thick enough to take the place of several sheets, so they’ll keep him warm while simplifying his bed making process.

Glimmer Strings

Glimmer strings provide that extra bit of holiday flare that every home needs. These intimate lighting accents are battery powered with rice sized LEDs placed along a flexible filament. The filament is usually silver or gold in color and can be twisted, bent and maneuvered like thread. Glimmer strings can be weaved through all different types of interior decorations and even outdoor wreaths and trees.

Pillar LEDs

Pillar LEDs are appreciated by just about everyone. Choose one with a holiday theme to add some cheer to your recipient’s home. Most pillar LEDs come with automatic timers that turn it on and off at the same time on each day.

Jar Candles

Pick out a jar candle or a collection of them for your friend or family member. Choose one with a holiday scent like cinnamon, peppermint or pecan. It’ll fill the home with a savory smell that spreads the Christmas spirit.

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