12 Things To Do At Your New Home On Move-In Day

Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it also comes with a lot of work. Moving can be stressful and cause you to feel overwhelmed just like any major change can. The great news is that it does not have to be so overwhelming. Sit down and make a to-do list of everything that needs to be done, so that you do not leave anything out. Marking to-do’s off of your move-in day checklist will not only keep you organized through the process, but it will allow you to see just how much you are accomplishing which can be extremely rewarding. Packing up all of your belongings allows you to go through everything you have accumulated throughout your life thus far. Getting organized, going through everything, getting rid of things you no longer use, is an important part of the moving process because it will keep you from bringing “junk” into your new home, allowing you to start fresh. Once you are packed and the moving company you hired has loaded all of your furniture and boxes into the moving truck, it is time to head to your new home and get started! Here are 12 things to do at your new home on move-in day.

  1. Turning utilities on – Getting your utilities turned on should be one of the first things you do on move-in day. This includes turning on your water, electric, phone, internet, cable, etc. Doing so will allow you to get a true look to make sure that everything works properly and that you are all set up for your first night stay.
  2. Doing a final home walkthrough and inspection – You should have already had a home inspection completed before closing on your new home, but it is a good idea to do one last walkthrough and inspection on move-in day. Once you have your utilities turned on, make sure that all of the plumbing works, electrical works, smoke detectors work, etc.
  3. Changing your mailing address – Change your address as soon as possible, so that you do not miss any bills, packages, or other mail. Doing this on moving day will allow the post office to be able to forward any mail sent to your old address to your new home.
  4. Updating your driver’s license, car registration and insurance.
  5. Changing the locks – This should be at the top of your priority list on move-in day because it is a safety precaution. Unless it is a brand new house that you built, you never know who has keys and you want to make sure that you are now the only one who can enter your home.
  6. Painting – Move-in day is the best time to get some painting done if you need to paint in areas that have heavy, hard to move furniture. This will also give you time to cover any holes that may be in the wall from previous owners.
  7. Measuring – Now that it is moving day, you should take the time to measure each room. Doing so will allow you to see how the furniture will fit into each room.
  8. Putting up the window treatments – Even if you have not ordered the curtains you want or new blinds for the windows yet, it is important to get some kind of covering over your windows on move-in day, so that you have privacy.
  9. Deep cleaning – Before any furniture or belongings are moved into your new home, you have the perfect opportunity to clean your house from top to bottom without anything getting in your way. If you have carpets, have them steam cleaned. If you have tile or wood flooring, have them mopped and vacuumed. Clean the inside of closets, wipe down the walls, clean the baseboards, clean the ceiling fans and light fixtures, etc. This is the time to make your new home spotless, giving you a clean slate.
  10. Cleaning out kitchen and bathroom cabinets – Cleaning all of the cabinets in your new home on move-in day is a must! You do not want to put your clean dishes that you eat off of into a dirty cabinet and it is not something you will clean everyday once they are filled up with your things.
  11. Spraying for pests – Whether you want to set up an appointment with pest control on move-in day or if you want to spray yourself, this is another important step that should be completed before unloading your furniture, dishes, and clothing.
  12. Familiarizing yourself with switches and the circuit breaker – This is your new home! It is important to figure out how things work and where everything is located. This will only help make your life simpler.

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