4 Best Eatable Indoor Plants To Grow

As the advancement is increasing, artificial fertilization has become the very convenient way of growing vegetables. This has affected our health adversely. If you buy organic food it is way expensive and totally out of budget. The organic food is not the choice of every person because of tight budgets. But one thing is for sure that if there’s a will then there’s a way. If you cannot buy everything organic at the least you can grow those vegetables indoors that do not require extensive sunlight and will help you bring some amount of health and also save money for your home.


The small bulb red radishes are really very good for health. To grow these you will require at least 14 inches wide pot and a sunny window except for very hot days. Water them regularly and you will have yummy radishes in few weeks.


Vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich citrus fruit is very important to have with you at all times. If you start your day with half lemon 1 tablespoon honey in warm water, you will notice very prominent change in your health. Apart from that, it is good for dressings and what about lemon cake and all made out of your own home lemon plant? For growing lemon you need to have at least 14 inch wide pot and let it sit in the sunny spot of your house.


Herbs are the main ingredient of any dish; also they have their benefits as teas. For example cilantro infused water and mint has their own properties whereas basil and rosemary etc. are just perfect to give your food a really good taste. And the best thing? All you need is 4 inch wide container with 6 hours of direct light daily.

Salad Greens:

Salad greens like salad, spinach and romaine etc. are the total burst of vitamins A, K and C wit iron and folate for healthy body. you need the pot big enough to accommodate the greens and also they need to be placed in sun so that they may get regular sunlight. You can also place the plants around your luxury formal dining room sets.

With all these wonderful vegies at hand you will surely be able to grow some of the best produce and just a tip, if you are using soil then you may use green tea leaves after having a tea and black tea bags split open and used as manure, natural and harmless fertilizer for your plants.