4 Winter Amenities You’ll Be Glad You Have In Your Home

When it is winter time, life changes a bit. The days grow shorter and the air gets colder. And families gravitate towards the warm indoors. Some people often become depressed or feel caged in their houses during this snowy season. But there are plenty of tips and tricks to keep you busy and comfortable this year. This winter, don’t go stir crazy. Invest in these eight amenities and you will be so glad you did.

1. Sleeping on Feathers

A must for cold winter nights is a fluffy down comforter. According to Home Guides, “Real down comforters are made from goose down feathers or duck down feathers. Their insulating properties make them warm and comfortable.” And the down feathers insure a fluffy and thick quality.

Of course, there are also alternative down comforters created from synthetic materials like rayon or polyester. These typically do a fair job of mimicking the way that real down “fluffs up” and insulates well. Although the price of true down is higher, it is that much warmer, and you will be glad you invested in this winter amenity on chilly nights.

2. Cast Iron Soup Pot

Dutch ovens are a cooking must for coaxing the flavor from soups, stews and sauces. Cast iron and enamel blends like Le Creuset are believed to be some of the best cookware. A large Dutch oven can be your go to pot all winter long.

Try amazing new recipes for soups like butternut squash bisque or clam chowder. Test out new variations on the classics like tomato, chicken noodle and split pea. Mix up the winter monotony with festive meals like chicken tortilla soup or curry. Make sure you stay healthy with plenty of veggies in minestrone and lentil soups. There are so many possibilities; you will be busy cooking and enjoying this warm comfort food.

3. All the Channels You Want

When it is snowing outside and a harsh wind cuts through the air, there is no better place than curled up on your couch with a blanket, some coco and your favorite show. Researching services like Utah TV from Direct TV can result in tremendous savings and all of the channels you need for your family.

4. Low Cost Heat Source

Cranking the thermostat during the winter months can result in a shocking bill at the end. A great way to use cost effective and energy efficient heat is with a good quality space heater. Space heaters work best in closed rooms, where the heat can stay trapped, as opposed to larger open spaces. So turn down your thermostat and cozy up next to a small but mighty heat producing source that you just have to plug in.

With these great winter amenities, you will be able to enjoy the long cold months. Stay warm with a heater and insulating down comforter. Enjoy new foods with a Dutch oven. And keep yourself entertained with all the best channels. These few small investments can bring a huge payoff this year, and they can be counted on for many winters to come. With all these comforts, you just might not winter to end!