5 Home Improvements That Realtors Suggest

Selling a home today is not very easy. There are a lot of home for sale in most markets, so buyers have the opportunity to be very picky. Therefore, home owners have to put in extra effort to get their home noticed among the rest by buyers. The best way for home owners to do this is by investing in some home improvements. Some small home improvements can make a big difference in the amount that buyers will be willing to pay.

What home improvements should home owners do to get the best return on their investment? This is a common question and each home owner will have different opinions of what home improvements will make the home more valuable. However, realtors know exactly what home improvements will get the house sold quickly for the highest price. Home owners should realtor expertise from Brian Buffini real estate seminars to make the best improvements to their home. Here are five home improvements that realtors recommend.

Adding a Deck or Other Outdoor Space

A deck still remains to be one of the most valuable home improvements a home owner can make. Everyone wants a maintained space outside where they can entertain guests and relax. Home owners who are ready to make a big investment should consider adding a deck or other outdoor space to their home.

Creating an Attic Bedroom

Almost everyone can agree that they wish their home had another bedroom. An attic is a great space to add an extra bedroom inexpensively and easily. Home owners can create a unique space that will grab potential buyer’s attention and increase the value of the home instantly.

Upgrading the Home’s Siding

Siding is very important in the maintenance of a home. Old siding can not only decrease curb appeal, but it can also make the home more expensive to heat and cool, all of which are not appealing to a potential buyer. Home owners can replace siding to see an instant boost in the amount of interested buyers.

Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the first place potential buyers look for issues with a home. The kitchen is the space in the home that needs to be the most practical and easy to use. Home owners can get a long way with potential buyers by making a few simple upgrades in the kitchen, like a new sink or additional counter space.

Add More Storage

Storage is one of the biggest complaints that many people have about their homes. Home owners should pay attention not only to the amount of storage space in their home, but also how that storage space can be used. To win points with potential buyers, home owners can build some extra storage, like a shed outside the home, or just work to better organize the current storage spaces, adding shelving or dividers. These simple fixes make any home easier to live in and much  more appealing to potential buyers.