5 Reasons Why UPVC Is Used For A Variety Of Outside Products

When installing new external structures on a property, there are a number of different alternatives when it comes to selecting the material used. For example, homeowners might opt for traditional timber or metal exteriors, but one of the most preferred options for most modern homes is UPVC, or Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride.

Unlike basic PVC, this related material is stronger, tougher, and better suited to the outdoors. There are also a range of decorative options when it comes to making

UPVC choices for the home. Any homeowner who needs to improve their external surfaces should remember these reasons why UPVC is the best choice.

1)  Easy to maintain

Unlike traditional woods or metals, UPVC is easy to clean and to maintain. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why most homeowners choose to use this material on external surfaces. It can be cleaned easily using basic cleaners, as often as is necessary. When it is used for windows and doors, regular cleaning with soaps and floor cleaners can help to keep up the attractive shine on these surfaces.

In addition, homeowners do not need to practice a yearly maintenance routine of painting or resurfacing, unlike with timber or metal frames and doors which need regular treatment.

2)  Good-looking

As UPVC is so easy to clean, and doesn’t tarnish or corrode, windows, doors and frames made from this material will continue to look good long after metal or wood frames and doors have started to deteriorate. This means that homeowners can buy a set of window frames, garage doors or even external accessories, and not worry that they will have to be changed within a year or so.

3)  Cost-effective

The fact that UPVC is so hard-wearing means that the cost of the frames or door is almost the sum total of all outlay for these items. Unlike other materials, which require aftercare and regular replacement, the UPVC structure doesn’t need specialist cleaners, anti-corrosion paints, or stripping, all of which can be very expensive.  Timber in particular has become very expensive, and so replacing the windows in a building can be costly when using traditional materials.

UPVC, on the other hand, is more affordable and has less of a demand on your pocket once it has been installed.

4)  Environmentally beneficial

Many companies use UPVC in order to properly insulate and protect homes, and prevent thermal escape. This has the benefits of improving the energy efficiency of the home, and also cuts down on heat loss in cold weather. A well-installed UPVC frame can drastically cut back on heating bills in the winter, as well as protecting against heat in the summer. This means that it is more environmentally sound than other materials such as timber.

5)  Ease of construction

Another benefit of the UPVC structure is that it can be made to the dimensions required by the homeowner. Older buildings may have doorways which don’t conform to modern standards, and this can make buying timber or metal doors difficult and expensive. UPVC doors, on the other hand, can be custom-made to fit the doorway as required.

Tim White is the Founder of Hybrid Fencing, a UPVC fencing specialists based in Chelmsford, Essex. Hybrid Fencing can supply and install, or offer a supply only service.