5 Signs Of An Experienced Stone Mason

The foundation of any property and a major factor determining its kerb appeal, stonework is important to get right when you embark on a construction project. When working with natural stone, cast stone, or GRC, it’s wise to invest in a specialist team of contractors who will have the experience and know-how to get this crucial part of the project just right. But how do you know that a stonemason is up to the job? Look out for these 5 signs that they have the experience to deliver results.

Matching the Colour of the Stone

If you are contracting a stone specialist for extension, renovation or restoration work, it’s essential that the final results are seamless and in-keeping with the rest of the property. An expert will be able to match the colour of the new stone to that of the existing stonework, for a bespoke finish.

Skilled Stone Carving

A qualified stone mason should feel comfortable with carving and shaping stone in-house, without the need to buy in pre-made materials. Stone carving is a timeless craft, and can add real value to a property when completed to a high standard. From porticos to blocks and arches, your contractor should be able to indulge your vision with any construction project, for results that bring your designs to life.

A Broad Understanding of Construction

Even though they may not delve into aspects of construction such as plumbing and joinery, an experienced stonemason should have a broad understanding of the industry that will enable them to work in harmony with other contractors on a project. Without this, you might have a great foundation for a building that is rendered useless when put to the test on practicalities.

Stone Fitting, Repairs and Restoration

Your team of stone specialists should be able to take care of every aspect of installing and maintaining your stonework, so browse their website to get a gauge of how experienced they are in their niche. When working with specialist construction teams, you want to be sure that they can cater to your every requirement within a certain field, to make managing the project easier and more cost-effective.

Masonry Case Studies

Whilst you’re on their website, take a look to see if it has case studies or testimonials from their previous projects. A reputable stonemason or contracting team should be eager to share their recent work with prospective clients, so be wary if you cannot find any case studies on their website or social media feeds.

Whether you are yet to start searching for a contractor or you want to double check that you have chosen the right stone masonry service for your build, these 5 indicators should provide a helpful guide to sussing out the experienced and trustworthy from the rest.

Monitor their workmanship throughout the project to ensure that you are getting the very best from your team or tradesman, and you’ll ensure that the finished results meet your high expectations.

This article is written by Kelly Gilmour Grassam, a freelance copywriter from Yorkshire. You can follow her on Twitter at @KellygGrassam. This article has been written with helpful information from Henley Stone.