5 Tips For Creating A Luxury Guest Room

Everyone wants to make their guests feel as comfortable as possible no matter what the purpose of their stay is. Whether guests are coming for a few days during the holidays, or they are staying for a couple months until they can get moved into their new home, home owners always want to make their guests feel special and taken care of. Home owners do not need to have an unlimited budget or a huge guest space in order to do this.

Home owners can create a guest space that looks like it is straight from a hotel without spending a small fortune. Home owners can utilize a few simple tools and tricks to make their guest room comfortable and practical for any guest who may enter. This will not only help home owners be prepared for even the most last-minute guests, but will also help them impress any guests that they might have. Here are five tips for creating a luxury guest room.

Make a Space for their Luggage

Every guest that arrives will have some sort of luggage with them. Most guests will find it impractical to hang their things in a closet or place them in the drawers of a dresser, so instead, they will be working out of their suitcase. Home owners should provide an elevated place for them to put their luggage so they do not need to kneel on the ground. A simple luggage rack would be ideal. Otherwise, a chair or ottoman works really well for these purposes.

Use White Linens

White linens and towels look cleaner and fresher than colored ones. This will make guests feel like home owners when to extra trouble to give them brand new sheets and towels and also make them feel more comfortable about sleeping in a bed other than their own. White bed sheets, towels, robes, washcloths and pillows are simple additions any home owner can make.

Provide Refreshments

Guests want to enjoy the special refreshments that they have at their own homes, but they might feel uncomfortable getting these things in someone else’s home, especially if the kitchen is far from the guest room. Home owners can provide refreshments like water, coffee and tea in the guest bedroom, maybe even with some breakfast room items that they can easily eat while enjoying packages from Direct TV before they start the day.

Give them the Essential Toiletries

Guests always seem to forget something. From toothpaste to shampoo, it is a good idea for home owners to prepare their guest room with a few of the basic things they might have forgotten. This will help relieve the stress of traveling for the guests and make them feel taken care of.

Less is More with Décor

Guest room décor should be simple. Every guest will have different tastes, so instead of decorating in a specific style, home owners can create a simple room that does not merge into one specific style. Little touches like fresh flowers and neutral colors will make guests feel comfortable.