5 Ways To Add Southern Charm To Your Home

Five Ways to Add Southern Charm to Your Home The South is known for its hospitality, incredible comfort food, and charming accents. The homes in the area are equally as charming with their unique history and inimitable character. Whether you live in the heart of the South or simply want to mimic the southern style, here are five ways to bring the hospitable warmth to your home:

1. The Kitchen

The southern style favors bold, ornate design choices reflected in all areas of the home, including the kitchen. When it comes to designing a southern kitchen, the key lies in the color palette. Choose softer colors, such as sage green, cream, butter yellow, or soft blue as the foundation for the space. The understated tones allow for the ornate accents of thick crown molding, statement-making backsplashes, and rich, ornamental lighting fixtures to stand out prominently. Lastly, when redesigning the kitchen space, be sure to factor in the small details like an area for your home phone from Vonage Louisiana and shelving for cookbooks to make the space as beautiful and practical as possible.

2. Entryway

As the first impression of the home, the entry way should be elegant, bold, and eye catching. Consider replacing the existing entryway doors with tall, strong wooden doors embellished with metal or wrought iron fixtures. The doors will add a sophisticated touch to the foyer of the house, giving the entire space a graceful appearance. If the space is sizeable, look to accent the space with art, colorful or metallic rugs, and unique, antique end tables.

3. Dining Room

In traditional southern homes, the dining space is set apart from the kitchen and breakfast eating areas. It has a more formal element to it, as it is the space for more formal gatherings. Even if the dining space in your home is in an open area, you can still achieve an elegant dining space by setting off the area with specific design pieces. Define the space with rich colors. Deep reds, jeweled tones, and dark woods offer a formal tone to the space, as well as preserving the southern charm.

4. Living Room

In this space, mix and match colors and fabrics. Juxtapose neutrals with bold patterns, such as a deep cream sofa with a patterned wingback chair. Bring in other textures like burlap and silk to yield an interesting space that feels both comfortable and stylish. Let the furniture and decor accents speak for the space, keeping the walls clean and neutral in color.

5. Outdoor Space  

The outdoor exterior should be an extension of the inside. Adorn the windows with wooden shutters, add metallic or wrought iron light fixtures around the home, and add a charming porch or deck, if possible. Stick with traditional colors, such as white and navy blue, and allow the garden space to provide the pop of color. Accent the space with wicker furniture, adirondack chairs, and country chic porch swings.

Adding a little southern charm to your home can be done easily and quickly with these decor tips.