5 Window and Door Installation Essentials

As the result of innovation in home construction, window and door installation projects have become easier to perform. However, this process is best left on the hands of the experts. These people have been well trained and developed an expertise in the said field of service. It is undeniable that they have an extensive knowledge on their craft, but their performance will hit significantly low without the help of these five essential tools and equipments on window and door construction.


They are also called “mastics”. This product is very much used by window and door installers to seal the opening between the units and the frame. The frame sealants used in doors and windows are 30 percent more flexible than normal sealants. They are also UV fade resistant, meaning the colors don’t go lighter under sun exposure. However, they must be applied carefully in a dust free frame to optimize their effectivity. Another sealant being used is the glazing sealant; this type has anti-fungal agents to adhere on glass, PVCu, wood, aluminum and polycarbonate frames properly.

Glass and pane window thickness measuring device

This item is used to measure the overall unit thickness and individual pane thickness of the window or door. It comes with a G- like shape to maximize access on the glasses and panes. With the use of this device, errors in the accuracy of the unit’s thickness may be avoided. This also eliminates deglazing on double-glazed glasses when measuring them.

Lock installation kits

When it comes to door installation, locks matters a lot, and lock installation kit is an essential tool for the installer. It has a circular saw that can penetrate through the door and make a hole to put in the lock system in. The jig will usually fit all common door widths, and guide anyone effortlessly on where to place the door knobs.

Vacuum lifts

This item makes transporting of glass or any smooth surfaced material easier than ever. It minimizes the strain brought by manual lifting of wide planes. With this, installers can easily twist and turn the window and doors without much effort. It can also minimize the risks of accidental dropping of the material.Indeed, this is a life saver for any window and door installers!

Drill bit

This may sound very common, but drilling will always be a part of door and window installation. It is commonly used to attach the units to the frames. They drill holes for the screws to join the frame and window unit. Often times, they are being used in hinges. Without this friendly equipment, unit installations might be next to Impossible.

In the process of door and window construction, the mentioned items are vital in order to produce a well crafted output. In addition to these tools, you would also need reliable window and door installation services to make the project successful. When you have all these, window and door installations are made much more convenient and hassle-free.