6 Cheap Ways To Upgrade A Teen’s Bedroom

Pleasing a teenager is no easy task for parents. It can be especially difficult when choosing the design and layout of their bedroom. Every teen wants a space that is fun and unique, and every parent wants a space that is safe and productive.

Even though these two ideas may seem opposite, there are some ways to combine them to please both parties. Parents and teens can use these ideas to agree on the perfect design for a bedroom that everyone will be happy with. Here are six cheap ways to upgrade a teen’s bedroom.

Agree on Entertainment

There are a lot of entertainment options that teens will want to have in their bedrooms. Everything from video games to tablets can be a tempting way for kids to lock themselves up for the entire day without leaving their room. Parents can set the limits, allowing only one form of entertainment to keep the peace, like TV service from http://www.directselecttv.com/. This method will please everyone without having teens become too distracted in their rooms.

Be Bold with Color

Color in a teen’s room is the best way for them to express themselves. Parents can help their kids choose some great colors that will not only be fun, but can also add life and a unique look to their bedroom. Some trendy ideas for this year are teal green and mint blue shades. Additionally, do not be afraid to mix some colors together to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Incorporate a Collegiate Look

Many teenagers will be preparing for their time in college in more ways than one. Parents can help make this transition better by giving their room a collegiate feel before they are out of the house. Lofting the bed and adding some simple book shelves are just a couple traditional but fun ideas.

Give New Look to Antiques

Many teenagers have to use old furniture pieces that have been passed down for generations. This can feel like a burden to many kids, so parents should find ways to make these items look new and creative again. A simple coat of paint in a bright color could be all an old piece of furniture needs to look new and restored. This can also help old pieces fit well within a new and modern bedroom design.

Rearrange as much as needed

It can be difficult to find the right flow for a teen’s bedroom, especially for those who are still trying out a few different interests and hobbies. Parents might need to help their kids rearrange their rooms a few times before they find the perfect balance. This can also help parents find a way to separate work and play in their teenagers room to help them be more productive.

Create One Area for Productivity

Even though it may be fun and games for a while, every teen should have at least one area of the room that is focused on productivity for their schoolwork. Parents can help their teens find a system for organization that frees up more space for this purpose.