6 Steps Involved With Floor Sanding and Polishing Process

Is the old finish of your floor embarrassing you? Why don’t you add new life to it?

Floor sanding and polishing is the right process you can adopt to bring back fresh surface with a smooth texture. With different types of floor materials like cork, timber, etc you can carry out this process.

Availing specialized sanding machines can help you to accomplish sanding and coating process successfully. In case if you go wrong then it can further affect polishing process. If you are planning to do it on your own then learn the process in detail. You can also take expert assistance to accomplish this floor sanding and polishing process by going online. –

Now whether you plan to do it on your own or hire professional services, below are 6 important steps about which you need to have some details:

#1. Get Rid Of Old Floor Finish:

Start removing old floor finish, once you are done with clearing room completely. It is essential to check floor properly in order to project nails. If you are carrying out this sanding process for the first time then ensure that floor leveling is done properly.

Use natural timber filler if you find any kind of holes or dents. With clear floor surface, sanding process can give great outcome.

#2. Look For Right Equipments:

Now whether you are doing floor sanding and polishing or your own or not, it is important to have a look at arrangement of equipments. The required equipments can be hired from professionals. Ask for portable edge sander so that you can easily cover borders of the room.

Learn installation process of sanding belt and operating system of the machine carefully. Hand scraper and vacuum are essential to remove the finish and clear sand dust.

#3. Clear Out Room Perfectly:

It is important to clear out room perfectly and remove carpet, if any. Use plastic to cover floor and windows in order to protect it from dust. It is advisable to remove furnishings or hardware that is connected to the floor. Before starting with floor sanding and polishing process, you need to cover openings with duct tape.

You need to remove different things from room like curtains, window shades, rugs, furniture, etc. It is also advisable to remove wall hangings if you want to prevent it from getting damaged.

#4. Associated With Rough Sanding And Medium Sanding:

Sand paper is used in rough sanding process and its belt should not touch the floor. In order to avoid the contact of belt to the floor, you can make use of roller wheels. It is essential to open windows before starting floor sanding and polishing process for ventilation purpose. Find right grit sand paper for rough floor to gain proper effect. If you don’t need any irregularities on the floor board then push sander towards the right angle.

Medium sanding process is to be carried out in a similar way like that of rough sanding. Here you need to change the load of machine with grit sand paper.

#5. Fine Sanding:

Before starting this process, ensure that all dust is cleaned properly. Floor sanding and polishing process is incomplete without this step. In this process again change the loading of grit sand paper. In medium sanding process itself you can gain smooth floor. This fine sanding process isadded so that you can easily find silky smooth floor.

#6. Final Floor Finishing:

Ventilation and mask are two important things you need to have while carrying out this process. Mask is essential so that you do not get exposed to toxic fumes. Clean room properly and remove all dust before starting this process.

Floor sanding and polishing process is incomplete without the above mentioned steps. Keep in touch to get few more useful information to know better way about floor polishing