6 Tips For Interior Decoration

Top tips on interior decoration that will be very useful to give a new look to your house, decorate each room with a touch of your personality, combining colors, texture and decoration gets you always wanted. The decoration of interior sometimes tends to be tedious as there are many elements that must be taken into account to achieve a balance and harmony, but mostly everything looks great.

Every room should have a theme to guide to make your home does not become messy with multiple styles; is really important in the decoration of rooms.

6. Lighting

One of the main tips for interior decoration is select which entries rooms will light from a window, skylight or dome; each allows the entry of natural light and also you save electricity, use light shades curtains to allow free passage of light.

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5. Floor

The texture and color of the floor will depend a lot of the color of the walls; avoids unnecessary color floor objects, you will be surprised with all the space you’ll save, if there are objects on the floor tries to put them on high shelves.

4. Colors

Something that is very important in interior decorating is the color, you can use two or three to create dimensions in a room provided in the case of a large room, whether the rooms are smaller choose to use a different color on each one of the rooms.

3. Details

The details are very important in interior design, you can use fabrics, carpets or stickers to add a personal touch to each room; used cushions with bold prints and fabrics used to create depth in each room which helps to give a visual impact.

2. Plants

The plants are your best friends to decorate, try plants that may be to a shadow thus last much longer if space is tight, opt for small plants scattered all rooms. Place pots on the tables in the room and vases in the dining room.

1. Furniture

The perfect gift to give to your personal touch interior decoration accessories are the furniture, to choose them is important to take into account the style of your home, whether it is rustic, minimalist, conservative, etc, thus will achieve to have a comfortable space with harmony and love you.

With these tips will surely now have many ideas to decorate the interior of your home to an original, creative and above all full of personality. Your family and guests will love.

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