6 Trending Materials For The Best Kitchen Appliances

Ready for some new ideas for your kitchen? It turns out that some of the older materials, like granite, are losing some of their popularity, and new materials are fast at work updating the traditional kitchen in exciting ways. Check out the latest trending materials and how they are used to see if any would work for you.

1. Synthetic Stone

Synthetic stone is frequently being used as a substitute for less reliable materials like granite. With synthetic stone, homeowners can mimic a variety of different stones and colors to get the exact look that they want. Some people also like the industrial look of simple concrete. If synthetic isn’t quite your style, then explore other options like soapstone or quartz, which are also growing in popular – just keep in mind that known of these options are likely to have as much durability as granite and may need some extra care.

2. Glass

Glass is bigger than ever when it comes to kitchen renovations, and homeowners are finding new places to put it. Specifically, glass door cabinets are on the rise. It’s easy to see why: Using glass doors encourages you to keep cabinets neat and always you to spot exactly what you want before even opening the door. It also lets you show off glasses or spices to friends and family. Don’t worry, you can start small here with just a cabinet or two – or perhaps only the top row of cabinets – with glass panels. Just make sure you have something suitable to put in them!

3. Stained Wood

For many years kitchens have been home to primarily dark or lacquered woods that provide a uniform color and make it easy to clean up any accidental messes. However, lacquered woods can also be easily damaged and may not yield the natural look that many homeowners desire. Stained wood is an alternative that often proves preferable, as it brings out the grain in kitchen woods rather than hiding it, and may prove more resistant to damage, too.

4. Darker Sink Fixtures

Shiny sink fixtures have been popular for years, but now people are gravitating toward darker sinks and especially darker fixtures. Instead of nickel or stainless steel, people are choosing bronzed and darkened materials for their fixtures. This helps avoid problems with stains and tends to give the kitchen a cozier look.

5. Brass and Copper Options

Brass and copper are finding a place in the kitchen, too. Again, this is a popular option for fixtures, but these golden metals are also showing up in other places. Brass inlays and pieces on stoves, microwaves and refrigerators are growing more common as well, taking a chunk out of the stainless steel market.

6. Brick and Beams

If you have access to enough natural bricks, building a brick island or brick backsplash can give a kitchen a rich, natural look that’s tough to beat. Brick veneers work well, too, and don’t cost nearly as much. Homeowners are also more willing to expose and highlight house beams these days, for much the same reason.