7 Tips For A Good Interior Decoration

To enhance the beauty of your house, take a lot of small decisions. These tips will help you choose the best.

1. Let’s start with the windows of a small room. They allow natural light to enter the room, so do not block it. Use a minimum of accessories for the windows look bigger. Curtains or blinds heavy will not let light through. Try light and thin light fabrics or blinds.

2. Floor. Clear the floor of unnecessary items such as a puff, a vase or a table that no one use and only take up space. You’ll be surprised how much you will win just cleaning things unnecessary floor space. If there are flat on the floor, mirrors or pots, tries to put objects on high shelves.

3. Colour is very important in interior decorating. Although the use of two or three dimensions can create a room, this tip is not going to small rooms. If this is the case in your home, then use a single color on all the walls. You can change colors between rooms, but always within the same tones.

4. Important Detail: fabrics. When it comes to small spaces, avoid very flashy fabrics with large prints. If you already have furniture with great designs and fabrics you cannot reupholster, combine them with cushions in neutral fabrics without patterns. Every house has corners with much spirit. That fails fabrics to create depth and give greater visual impact.

5. Small spaces are facing the problem of the lack of natural light. Artificial light is not your first choice. Instead, try to enhance lighting that already has your home. Place mirrors to bounce the light from the windows and select to paint walls with a glaze finish. Keep your furniture thoroughly clean the surfaces reflect light.

6. Plants are naturally beautiful accessories. For a home with small spaces with small test plants across all rooms. Ten small and subtle pots on the tables of the house and vases with fresh flowers in the centre of some rooms (like the dining room or living room) and other surrounding rooms, as on the night table. Of course, change them constantly.

7. The floor of the house is very important. But unfortunately, it is not as versatile to change. So what you can do is play with the tapestries and carpets. Choose light colors and light fabrics if you want to make rooms look bigger.