7 Ways To Turn Your Conservatory Into A Tropical Haven

Over the years conservatories can begin to look a little tired and in need of a lift. Giving your conservatory a tropical feel can instantly make your space feel more modern and fresh. Well-chosen furnishings can also inspire a feeling of calm and relaxation; just what we all need from time to time.

The following tips will help you plan your re-design and provide a straightforward route to the conservatory you really want.


When you’re ready to start shopping, it’s a good idea to begin with lighting. The right conservatory lighting can create a serene and inviting atmosphere, whether you’re relaxing after a long day or preparing for guests.

Well-placed spotlights will give your conservatory an overall brightness, which mimics the pure light of the tropics. Interior design website, Houzz recommends adding lamps or candles to enhance your tropical look.

Professional lighting companies can provide comprehensive information about the types of lighting available.


If you’re thinking about replacing your flooring, incorporate this into your tropical theme. Wooden floors instantly give the illusion of bringing nature into your home and light to medium toned wood works best.

Stone flooring is also popular for this theme, with warm, light tones and colours being most recommended.


A tropical colour palette should be all about brightness.

Warm neutrals such as beige, cream and tan will enhance your lighting and make you feel like you’re bathed in the bright, pure light of the Caribbean. Against these warm, neutral shades, add in bright colours and lots of fresh green. These colours will reflect the lush forests and flamboyant flowers of the tropics.

If you like patterns, there is plenty of choice for wallpaper and hangings which will further enhance the tropical feel of your conservatory. Pinterest has lots of images to give you some inspiration.


Furniture is one of the most important aspects of a design so choose pieces which work together and enhance the theme.

Tropical decor is all about casual comfort, so large, soft sofas and chairs work well. Woven grass furniture is also very popular for this natural style but don’t use this exclusively. Some well-chosen pieces such as twin chairs will accentuate your theme without appearing over the top.


When you think of tropical islands, what do you see? We all imagine huge forests, full of emerald green plants and beautiful beaches, edged with palm trees and brightly coloured flowers. Flora is an integral part of this style so bring some potted plants into your conservatory.

Adding in plants with large, bright green leaves may remind your guests of tropical banana plants while coloured flowers can complement your colour scheme. And don’t be fooled by the British weather, growing tropical plants in the UK is achievable!

Finishing Touches

Sometimes, it’s the small things that count. While the main aspects of your design, such as furniture and lighting should reflect the tropical look, small touches will bring the style to life.

Could you choose a rug with a shell motif? How about coasters with patterns of parrots or toucans or a lamp made of driftwood?

Smells are also important. Choose a scent which evokes the beach or exotic flowers and your conservatory will be transformed into a tropical haven.

Narrow down what you want

We’ve outlined the key elements of a tropical decor theme but when you begin looking at products, the choice can still be overwhelming.

Creating a mood board from the images, fabric and colours you find inspiring should help you to find your own style within the tropical decor theme.

Mark Caulfield is the Founder of bespoke conservatory designers The Caulfield Conservatory Co based in Harrogate.