Advantages Of Solid Wood Interior Doors

What would you expect out of the material that you choose for your interior doors? This is what you should ask yourself when weighing your options for an interior door material.

For most homeowners, durability and strength are the prime factor of consideration. Then comes insulation followed by aesthetics and price. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness is considered after all of the above factors are calculated for.

Solid Wood Doors

Be it for wood closet organizers or wood doors, solid wood has some obvious benefits which make it the most preferred choice for a large number of homes. True, solid wood doors are on the pricier side and need you to invest a handsome lump sum, but its benefits far weighs out its price tag. Besides, doors are a long term investment and are generally expected to be running for years.

However, when you’re out shopping for wood interior doors, ensure you’re not taken for a ride since there are pretty close fakes available in the market. Here are few tips to help distinguish a real solid wood door.

  • If the door is stained and not painted, its solid wood. Hollow wood doors are generally pained and not tainted. 
  • If the paneling is detailed, its solid wood. Hollow wood doors panels are made of faux.
  • The weight of the door is also another indicator. Solid wood doors are quite heavy as compared to hollow doors.
  • Solid wood doors are significantly expensive, which is another indicator of the product being authentic. 

Advantages Of Solid Wood Interior Doors

Advantages of Wood Doors

  • Great insulation: Solid wood doors offer significant insulation against weather conditions such as keeping the interiors warmer by cutting out the cool winds. It also provides considerable insulations against outside noises thereby keeping your home quieter and more comfortable. 
  • Sturdy and secure: Solid wood doors offer superior strength and can last you years with little routine maintenance. They don’t get dented, scratched or perforated easily thereby making them look good through longer periods of time. Moreover, burglars have a hard time breaking their way through a solid wood door. So you could consider using solid wood closet doors to protect your belongings safe and secure. 

Advantages Of Solid Wood Interior Doors

  • Aesthetics: Solid wood doors can look great when thoughtfully designed. No matter how good the contemporary hollow and engineered doors look, nothing can beat the look of a solid wood door that’s beautifully sculpted. Undoubtedly, it offers unmatched elegance and class.

What are your reasons to prefer solid wood for interior doors? Share your views and experiences with us below.