Advantages Of Using A Wood-Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are available everywhere due to their many advantages. To ensure you end up with a good quality and proper working stove, it is important that you buy it from a local or web dedicated wood burning stove trader. Most dedicated stove traders have an abundant knowledge on chimneys, technical issues, and stove suitability for different situations.

Such traders are always ready to offer you free advice concerning all matters wood burning stoves to help you make a more informed decision. Once you have bought and installed your new wood burning stove, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits.

Unique Warmth

For a cozy home during winter, nothing quite beats the heat produced by burning wood. Most people who have had the chance of living in a home heated by wood say that the heat is warmer than that produced by any other kind of heating appliance. This is because wood emits unique warmth that makes a room feel more pleasant than when using any other kind of fuel. What’s more, the pleasant warmth tends to linger in a room long after the stove has gone off.

Cost Efficiency

While there are other ways of heating a home such as electricity, oil, and gas heating systems, wood burning stoves are the best option. This is because wood fuel is cheaper than the other types of heating systems. A kilowatt of heat per hour produced by burning wood costs about one fifth of KWh of electricity and about one third of KWh or oil and gas.

Therefore, with wood, you will be significantly cutting down on your heating bills. The bills become even lower if you are able to harvest the wood from your own property.

Independent Energy

Having to rely on gas or electricity for heat means you have to be part of a system. In the event of a power blackout, gas shortage, or system failure you will have to face the extreme cold of winter. Wood fuel on the other hand, does not depend on any system, as it only requires trees which are renewable resources. Therefore, with wood heat, you are assured of staying warm should everything else fail.

Carbon Neutral Energy

Contrary to fossil fuels, wood burning stoves provide you with carbon neutral energy. This means that using wood burning stove does not increase the levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. Aside from reducing carbon footprint, wood burning stoves also burn more efficiently than other heating systems.

Renewable Source Of Energy

Wood is a renewable resource that can be used without depleting the earth’s natural resources. Any tree cut down to provide fuel for a wood burning stove can be replaced by planting several trees therefore ensuring that wood as a source of energy does not get depleted.

Finally, aside from being highly functional devices, log burners can help add on to the beauty of your home. These stoves come in a variety of attractive designs thus allowing you to choose a design that not only suits the interior of the room but also makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

Nessa Ainsely writes on a variety of topics that touch on various ways of making homes more comfortable. Nessa also writes for PG Fire Places, a UK based company that offers excellent wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, flue systems, and home heating installation services.