Bathroom Remodel With Kids In Mind

Okay, you finally have the glamorous, spa-like master bath of your dreams. Now the kids are in there all the time, leaving wet towels on the floor, makeup in the sink and toys in the bathtub.

Let’s face it, kids are messy and they use the bathroom a lot, teenagers in particular, when appearance (at least their own, if not their abode) is a big deal, a really big deal. Toddlers and the elementary school crowd think less of appearance than playtime, so remember that when you decide to remodel the “second” bathroom. A kids’ bathroom will be very well used and will get very dirty.

Boys, for the most part, aren’t as conscious about scum in the sink, or replacing the toilet roll. Girls have paraphernalia: makeup, brushes, dryers, mirrors, lotions and potions. All these factors need to be taken into consideration when remodeling their bathroom. Extra outlets for hot rollers, hair dryers and curling irons is a big plus, not to mention place for them to charge up their smartphone. If there’s room and both sexes share, try to make concessions to accommodate everyone.

Go for the high flush power toilet rather than the eco-friendly, low flow, low flushing kind. Especially if you have a brood, there will be lots of business done in there and lots of toilet paper used. Keep that in mind. Kids, whether 6 or 16, are rough on fixtures, so make sure everything is well anchored to the wall: towel rods, toilet paper holders, and shower curtain rods. You don’t want to have to repair the wall tile anytime soon.

And a word about cleanliness. Whether the mess is from hair products and makeup, mud from the football field, or dirt from playing in the yard, this room is going to need lots of cleaning. If you’re lucky, you’ll get help in this area. Little kids enjoy cleaning, so have them help putting towels in the hamper, handing you sponges and like. Just remember all cleaning products need to be stored out of their reach, so preferably not in their bathroom.

Teenagers often seem oblivious to the mess they leave behind. Enlisting their aid requires other tactics, depending on your parenting skills and just how long you’re willing to wait until you do it yourself. So, make cleaning easier for everyone. Skip the granite and fancy faucets. Make sure every surface has as few nooks and crannies as possible. Dirt, dust, hair and, yes, even toothpaste can be the devil to get out of those places. Durability and ease of cleaning and sanitizing are a must.

Make sure painted surfaces are washable, fixtures are well secured, and storage is provided. Decorator towels aren’t for this room, but let the kids have some input on colors and design. And you might also consider a childproof lock for those under 7. We don’t want you on the outside coaxing little Johnny to unlock the door now, do we? Been there, done that.