Budget-Friendly Bathroom Improvement Ideas

The one room in the house that all of us go into more than once a day is the bathroom. And yet, if every time you step inside of yours, you find yourself not feeling as comfortable with the appearance of it as you would like, that’s a clear indication that it’s time to do a bit of remodeling.

If you don’t currently have a lot of money in your budget to make a ton of changes, that’s OK. Being that bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms inside of homes, it’s a lot easier to make drastic changes to them for a very affordable price.

If this has piqued your interest and you’d like to know about some of the budget-friendly bathroom improvement things that you can do, please read on.

Paint the walls. If you don’t like the color of your bathroom, no problem. All you need to do is paint it another color. And while you can certainly go with whatever hue that you wish, remember that since the room is already small, it’s actually a good idea to go with a color that reflects light rather than absorbs it – one like white or a pastel shade. If you’ve never painted a room before, that’s OK. There are several websites that can walk you through the process including This Old House, DIY Network, and Bob Villa. Just go to them and put “bathroom painting tips” in the search field.

Change your shower curtain. Typically, one of the main focal parts of a bathroom is the shower curtain. So, if yours has seen better days or you want a way to make your bathroom appear larger than it actually is, get a new one. And how can a shower curtain make a bathroom look bigger? By going with a clear one (that has a few designs on it), that tends to give your bathtub a lot more dimension.

Add a low-flow showerhead. Do you want to do something that will ultimately help reduce your monthly water bills? If so, installing a low-flow showerhead is definitely the way to go. By investing about $50 into one, you can easily save as much as 25-30 percent on your annual water bills. You can find them at your local home improvement store.

Reseal your tub and/or sink. A plumber who works for a company like Northeast Plumbing would probably tell you that no matter what kind of fixtures or decor may be in your bathroom, it’s not going to deter people from looking at dirty caulking that may be around your tub or your sink. That’s why another thing that you might want to consider doing is resealing both areas. If you’ve never done it before, YouTube has all kinds of videos that can walk you through the process. Go to the site and put “how to reseal a tub” and “how to reseal a bathroom sink” in the search field.

Have fun with storage. If you don’t have enough storage space inside of your bathroom, there are all kinds of creative things that you can do. You can get some wicker baskets. You can put a small dresser drawer along one of the walls. You can also create a skirt to go around your sink. All of these things will help to store some of your items while also updating the look of your bathroom. For other creative storage ideas for your bathroom, visit HGTV and put “creative storage ideas for bathrooms” in the search field.