Budget-friendly Home Security Improvement Tips and Tricks

If you’ve ever allowed yourself to watch one the “Home Alone” movie parts, then you probably know just how important your home security is. Now, that would be a non-existent brighter side of life (as for the danger only seen on big screens). Unfortunately, just reading the everyday news’ headlines is quite enough to make you want to improve your home security and install the best home security system for your house. However, until you decide which home security system is the best for your house, there are some home security improvement tips and tricks that can come in handy.

#1. Use warning signs that your home is being monitored and equipped with cameras and security alarm systems even if it isn’t. Avoid telling people the truth, friends and family included.

#2. Install outdoor and indoor daylight-sensitive light bulbs. If the light switch is always turned on, these light bulbs will go on as soon as the sun goes down and it’s starting to get darker. That way the light will never ever go on at a same time every day and no one will ever be sure if you are home or away for the holidays. These bulbs are also eco-friendly and save energy.

#3. Get yourself a fake TV that works on the same principle as those light bulbs mentioned before. Fake TV flashes and glows just as the flicker on a normal TV, but it uses the same amount of energy as nightlight and also has a built-in light-sensitive sensor and a timer that allows you to set the exact time when your Fake TV should get off.

#4. British people often use a very popular kind of an “anti-climb” wet paint. This paint doesn’t dry at all, and if you use it on a fence, you’ll be getting that Kevin Home Alone feeling in no time. The only trouble with this paint is that you as well won’t be able to climb your own fence, so make sure you don’t lose your keys.

#5. If you’re living alone, or you have to spend some time alone, but you own a car that has an alarm installed, keep your car remote on your nightstand. If you ever get scared, or if you hear something suspicious going on outside, just push that panic button on your remote and the alarm will go on. If you get scared easily or quite often try to keep yourself under control, or you’ll be looking at your neighbors filing a complaint against you.

#6. Install windows and door screens, and also upgrade your locks on every window and door. Improve security of your home’s every weak spot, like basement windows, backdoors, first floor doors and/or windows.

#7. If you’re on vacation, ask some of your closest friends to pick up your mail, your newspaper, and to put out your garbage cans so that your home’s routine remains intact.

#8. Install lighting that is triggered by motions. Use them on rarely used parts of your yard or the space around your house. That way you’ll not only save energy, but you’ll never have to carry a flashlight around.

#9. If you own an answering machine, change your greeting message, and never leave details about your whereabouts. People that matter to you the most won’t leave you any messages, because they’ll always know if and when you’re away.

#10. These tips and tricks may come in handy sometimes, but it’s not always easy to follow every single step and take every single precaution. Instead of feeling safe and secure, you might end up feeling stressful.

This is why it’s of utter importance to install one of many home security systems for your house as soon as possible. You’ll save yourself from unnecessary thoughts and worries, and you’ll be able to concentrate on having fun and doing the things you love.