Buying A Home With Foundation Problems

Abry Brothers Foundation Repair’s Advice When Buying a Home

Never Use A Home Inspector Recommended By Your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents that involve in the transaction have one common interest, which is to see the transaction completed.  Many agents will hire an inspector, which they know will not put an emphasis on many of the serious issues in the property, including structural problems.

Never Believe A Real Estate Agent Who Says The Settlement Has Finished

Even though it may be an old property, a typical settlement resulting from the compressibility of foundation soil will never end.  The settlement will soon begin to diminish over time at a lesser rate. Settlement problems will always continue to happen.  If an old house has never been pier then it is likely that you will be dealing with cracking problems.

Always Carry A 4 Feet Bubble Level When House Hunting

Check that all the floors are level and the walls vertically correct, and if any floors or walls are out of level or off vertical then have the house inspected by a structural engineer.

Never Purchase A Property That Has Recently Been Redecorated

Without written disclosures that the walls were not covered up to hide any cracks.

Do Not Buy A Home With A Walkout Basement

If you see that rear lower-level basement wall leans toward the rear, then the house may have a floor diaphragm strength failure.

Be Aware Of Cracks In The Structure 

If cracks have appeared, then something has caused them, since old homes are not likely to have cracks.  Hairline shrinkage cracks in basements are about the only cracks that will occur. In a new home some of these cracks may appear on the settlement; keep in mind that there is always a risk when purchasing a new home.

Never Ask The Seller To Fix The Problems

If the inspector finds problems with the property, the seller will often hire the less expensive contractors. It can lead a catastrophe for the buyer, specifically when there is a foundation settlement concern. Since the home inspector’s report is not usually detailed about the extent of the settlement concern, it is very often overlooked, which will lead to greater expenses for the buyer.  It is advisable to come to an agreement with the seller with the right contractor, and ensure the warranty is transferable.

Be Cautious Of Any Structural Work Done

Ensure you have the contact information of the engineer that designed the repairs and a copy of any documents.  Request for the warranty of the work to be transferred into your name, and those documents are non-existent then has the work inspected by a structural engineer.

Hire A Professional

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