City Prints For Interior Design: A Unique Present For A Special Someone

There is a company that has made a name for itself by making remarkably atypical gifts – the sort that delight, surprise and are sure to leave a smile. Few places can you find assorted French macaroons just a few clicks away from nylon acrobatics tight ropes and bottles of Chardonnay with cartoon artwork on them just a few clicks away from each other. Their unique brand of gifts ranging from a bit whimsical to truly amazing is sure to offer a unique present for every taste – even for that impossible person who seems to have everything!

Exciting City Prints

In a pool of ever growing of interesting gift ideas can be found a line of City Prints. These are typographical prints, featuring designs, wording and artwork suggestive of the atmosphere of your favourite city. Famous cities from many countries are represented – Bristol, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York City, and more. Each print features several distinguishing features which highlight the famous landmarks, symbols and other imagery associated with the specific city. The “typographical” side of the print comes in the form of a design and unique font for the name of each city, complimenting and occasionally incorporating the surrounding artwork.

Retro Cool

Each print features a unique “Retro” look which combines a somewhat old school cartoon feel with clever typography to create a unique work of art. Care has been taken to have each city be representative of its culture, its image, its accomplishments and its history. As a result, these pieces are widely appealing to a variety of audiences. Even if they have never set foot in Liverpool, for example, a fan of the Beatles is sure to be enchanted by the print featuring “Penny Lane” and a depiction of the famous imaginary “Yellow Submarine.” Anyone who enjoys the beautiful architecture and atmosphere of Dublin will be amused by the clever renderings of famous landmarks. Football fans will be elated by the presence of logos of their favourite teams and a typographical print makes a great way to kick off the football season with a show of support for whoever you may be rooting for.

Excellent Decoration

These prints are suitable for framing or for simply attaching to a wall using thumb tacks or tape. Looking equally at home in a professional setting as well as a living room art piece, or a bedroom wall poster, the Retro minimalist art style has a wide appeal. The treatment of each city is unique and attempts to bring out the individual characteristics inherent in the atmosphere of each city. Perfect for anyone who appreciates art, ideal as a gift for a souvenir for anyone who may have to the city, or a fantastic way to remember home for anyone who may have been born or grown up in the area depicted.

Free Delivery

Each of the typographical City Posters is available with delivery absolutely free. Select any print which tickles your fancy and pay only the unit price to have it delivered straight to your door!