Commercial Flat Roof Repair

When water is dripping or discolored staining is plaguing your ceiling, it is time to look into roof repair.  If you are the owner of a flat roofed building, you need to be particular about who you have working on your roof. Commercial flat roof repair is nothing like home roof repair.  They are completely different ways of repairing and use completely different materials.  Commercial flat roof repair has come a long way and uses a lot of materials that last longer, work better and are more environmentally stable.  Years ago, your option was EPDM rubber or asphalt.  That pretty much covered it.    Those are still available, but there are a lot of other options out there for repair:

Elastrometric – This is a coating that is sprayed on – it is thicker than paint and ideal for recoating flat roofs to seal leaks.

Acrylic – This is an option that is best used on areas of the roof that do not have issues with pooling water.  It is environment friendly and long lasting.  It forms a plastic like coating that seals everything.  It can be susceptible to leaks if moisture or proper coverage is not done.

Solvent Based – These are 60% organic, so ideal for those concerned with environmental issues.  These are excellent for repairs as they bond to the surface already there.  It is more expensive than the acrylic alternative, but performs better all around.

PUF – The last option is a Poly Urethane Foam.  This process takes two liquids that combine to form a foam.  This foam is easily sprayed in tight areas, singular areas, flashings, walls, etc.  It is used the most in the dry regions as water and condensation are issues for sealing.  Any moisture under the PUF and the seal is compromised.

These are some of the newer materials used in coating and repair of flat roof businesses.  Environmentally sound, longer lasting and cost effective.

Commercial flat roof repair does not have to be a hassle or an ongoing problem.  Flat roofs need special care and a knowledgeable company to do the job right.  They should provide a thorough inspection of every area of the roof and be able to explain what needs to be done to repair it right.  The cost for a simple repair should not be too tough on the budget and paying for it to be done correctly is worth it.  Having a bad repair is as bad as not having one at all.  If your roof is beyond its prime, or sporting a 1960’s rubber coat, it may be time to consider a full roof replacement.  Doing a lot of repairs over time compromises the existing material and no matter how well done the repair, time takes its toll.

Commercial flat roof repair does not have to be a “patch job” that gets you by until the next issue.  If done correctly and the proper material for your roof is used, flat roof repair should be a lasting, proper cure for small leaks and cracks.  Environment, weather, age, material breakdown and existing structures protruding from or butting against the roof are all issues that play a role in how successful a repair will be.  Being knowledgeable on what materials are available and finding a good roofing company are essential to commercial flat roof repair.