Durability Of Stone Worktops

Natural stone is a beautiful worktop choice for your home. It is some of the most common worktops bought and sold and is popular because of its durability. In its natural state it bestows an air of quality and strength on any kitchen. This material is actually the most durable manufactured worktop you can purchase for your kitchen and has a multitude of sides to its nature.

There are a number of stone worktops from which to choose from:-

  • Granite is particularly wanted after for its incredible durability and heat resistance. It is available in a enormous range of colours and is solid and serious. Granite is, however, very expensive and conflicting with popular opinion not indestructible it does need to be looked after.
  • Slate is also an outstanding choice and costs around half the price of granite when looking for a durable stone workshop. If it has a high quartz content then it will almost certainly be incredibly durable. Polished slate is less porous, so very resilient.
  • Marble, limestone and sandstone can also look brilliant on worktops but are easily damaged by alcohol, sugar and acids, such as lemon juice and abrasive cleaning products.

Sturdiness is something that most buyers look for when they are purchasing stone worktops. This is not an issue as it is inherent in their nature. Great durability licences them to resist severe wear and tear and this is the reason why they are worth every penny that you will potentially have to invest in them. In reality all that you have to do is put a basic sealer on them annually and stone worktops look after themselves.

Buying stone worktops is unquestionably as expensive as they can be are a onetime investment because you need not change worktops on a yearly basis. Not only that, these worktops will also add worth to the overall presence of your house.

However, although some suppliers of stone worktops state that they are heat resistant, it is important to point out that items that are taken directly from the oven should not be placed directly on stone surfaces. Instead, trivets and worktop savers should be used to guard the surface. In terms of durability, the surface will become marked if you cut directly onto the stone. It is suggested that using a chopping board whenever you are slicing food is necessary to protect the worktop.

Stone worktops will become scratched over time and the evenness of the finish will become less perfect. Although most of these scratches and scrapes can easily be polished away, they will be noticeable until the maintenance has been carried out. Some of the stone worktops show scratches and marks more easily than others.

Overall stone worktops come along in a wide range of textures and finishes. They are durable in terms of their strength and heat resistance. They do however need lots of extra work to keep them in tip top condition. Annual maintenance is a must to keep your stone worktop durable.