Easy Ways To Revamp Your Outdoor Deck This Summer

Revamping an old, outdated deck is much simpler than it seems. Outdoor decks should be a place of enjoyment and happiness not just an area in the back of your house that you try to forget about. Whether your floor is falling apart, the railing is leaning sideways, the lighting is out of order, or you just need some excitement added, these simple steps will help guide you to your dream deck. Your new and improved deck will be a place where you can welcome your family and friends to enjoy.

Take Care of Repairs

Begin the revamping process by making any necessary repairs. This includes making sure the deck is sturdy and secure. You may need to hire someone to do this inspection, or you may feel comfortable doing it yourself. It is important to make sure your deck is capable of holding the weight of not only people, but tables, chairs, and anything else you wish to decorate your deck with.

Your deck may need just a simple board hammered back into place, or it may need some sections torn down and repaired from scratch. However, this step is very important to the long-term well being of your deck.

Spruce It Up

Next is to clean all areas of your deck. Get rid of all the dirt, cobwebs, mold, or any other unwanted inhabitants. Check for rodents as well as wasps nests and ants. Cleaning the surface of your deck is best done with a pressure washer, but if you do not have access to a pressure washer than a simple bucket of water and scrub brush will do.

Once the deck has been cleaned, update the appearance with a stain or paint. Stains are durable, provide a modern appearance, and come in a wide variety of tones and shades to match the vision you have in mind. Paint is also a great option and allows you the chance to get creative with designs and patterns.

Add Some Lighting

In addition to repairs and cleaning, it is important to assess the lighting on your deck. Lighting is a key feature of your deck and actually quite easy to deal with. You likely already have electrical wiring to your deck, but if not, then this would be the first thing to get done. Outdoor decks are often most utilized in the evening or nighttime hours, so installing appropriate and decorative lighting will bring everything together.

Overhead lights, lamps, or stringed lights are all great choices for your deck. Torches are awesome as well and your guests will likely be in awe of the feeling they bring to your deck.

Finishing Touches

The final step should bring the most enjoyment. Decorating is a fun and interactive way to display your personality and hobbies through your deck. One of the most common uses for an outdoor deck is for eating. Placing a nice set of a table and chairs is a simple and easy way to bring life to your deck. If you enjoy grilling then placing a grill on your deck is a great idea especially for the summertime cookouts.

For entertaining, many like to place an outdoor bar on their deck, as well as a mini-fridge and snack area. It is also great to add some fun to your deck in the shape of games. Some great games for your deck include darts, corn hole, horseshoes, chess, or simply a deck of cards. If you have the room in your budget, another great option is to install a hot tub. Coming home to sit in the hot tub after a long stressful day or with your spouse on a chilly night is a great luxury.

So get outside this summer and enjoy the fresh air along with your revamped outdoor deck!

This article was wrriten by Matthew Hall. Matt’s favorite part of summer are the long warm days and spending time in the sunshine. What better way to do that than to sit out on his outdoor deck. He also writes professionally for Supreme Electric and Solar. To read more of his work, visit his Google+.