Electric Roller Blinds – The Epitome Of Intelligent Living At Home

For modern home interior while designer blinds can add spice or elegance in look, choosing electric roller blinds you can further enjoy far better ease and control.

With these blinds while you are exposed to the widest variety of materials, designs and textures to fit as per your preferred look, feel and decorative aspects, they always offer you the highest ease of control as per your necessity and that is precisely the reason they are so widely considered as an invariable aspect of intelligent living at home. But before making a choice of suitable electric roller blinds there are few important things to consider.

Automatic and intelligent

Electric roller blinds even offer the automatic option so that depending upon the season and sunlight you can set the blind position. This gives you enough ease and simple control over the blind position without adjusting it every day. Once you know the suitable position of your blind as per the sunlight of a particular season, it would just set it to your preferred position automatically and you do not need to adjust blinds regularly.

It helps you to control the exposure to sunlight and outside view in an intelligent and simple way.

Option of central function

For an array of electric roller blinds adorning your home interior one single central function can be enough to exercise all controls. With a mini server, all the blinds can be controlled at once with a few clicks. Implementing central function for all your home blinds and controlling them all at once makes your living simple and elegant.

The central setting for all your blinds has an array of other benefits as well. You can put your all your blinds into a sleeping mode just with a click when you are going away from your home.

A variety of controls for the movement of blinds

There are a variety of controls available for your electric roller blinds. You can control their movement by wall switches or through a smartphone interface or just by the dedicated roller blind remote. You do not need to be near to the wall switch for controlling blinds. You can do it either through remote or better still, through your smartphone or any computing devices with the help of a web interface.

Controlling blinds as per the sunlight and weather condition and as per the interior ambience you want to create they can just be manoeuvred anywhere and at any time. Whether you have the remote nearby or the wall switch or your tablet in hand, you can exercise full control over your roller blinds. An intelligent living is characterized by less complexity and physical movement and easier control on remote things and modern electric roller blinds just make this possible.

Enhanced level of security thanks to smart electric blinds

These electric roller blinds apart from offering you greater ease and control on your interior ambience also adds immense value to your home security. These blinds offer you an array of smart manoeuvres to reduce exposure to intruders. When you are not at home, you can easily set your roller blinds to a complete shut mode and the blinds can be set for automatic closure at night time. Adding an alarm to your roller blinds further can help you to tighten your home security.

An array of designer options to complement your interior home

Besides all the above mentioned functional ease and intelligent manoeuvres electric roller blinds also offer a wide variety of designer material choices to complement your home interior in the perfect fashion. Whether it is contemporary designs with rare fabrics or just choosing elegant traditional designs with luxury fabrics, you can make your perfect choice of texture, colour and design for the perfect accompaniment of your room interior.

From metallic stripes, different types of pleats, flocking, subtle objective designs to exotic natural views – you can choose your perfect design and fabric for this intelligent range of electric roller blinds.

Electric roller blinds are the smartest blind choices for modern homes as they perfectly accommodates faster, smoother and simpler adjustment of blinds all round the clock while offering the largest variety of materials to complement the look and feel of your home.

This article was written by John Matthews, an interior designer specializes in window treatments such as blinds, shades, drapes and curtains, and shutters.