Eliminating The Dangers Of Dust Mites In Your Home

You can make your home safer and eliminate dusting needs to keep your family safe from both germs and allergens. Dust mites can be the allergic person’s worst enemy, and is the source of many asthma problems, both in children and adults. 

The incidence of asthma and allergies has greatly increased in recent years as air quality becomes less and less pure. Dust mites are one of the major factors in impure air. Dust mites are microscopic unable to be seen by the naked eye. However, you can certainly see, and feel, the effects of their presence.

Dusting can seem to be a never-ending chore. It is important to keep your home dust-free to avoid allergens and germs. Think about your small child, who is sensitive to dust mites, running a toy car on a surface covered in dust. Where there is dust, there are dust mites. Sometimes there are dust mites where you don’t see dust.

Dust mites love to embed in you mattress. You don’t see dust, but the mites are there. Even with vacuuming, it is almost impossible to be free of them. The only thing to do is to use a great quality filter that will prevent their appearing on any surface. Keep them out of your home before they get a chance to hide where you don’t want them.

Sofas and under the bed are other favourite hiding places. Keep your home safe for you and your family by filtering air to eliminate dust mites before they ever enter your home. Don’t wait for dust bunnies to remind you to vacuum. Catch them before they enter by filtering your home air.

To adequately prevent dust mites from entering your home, you need a good quality air filter. This can be either a built-in home air filter or a stand-alone. Stand-alone ones are now as effective as built-in ones.

A HEPA filter is the bottom line of adequately filtering out dust mites. However, many of the stand-alone filters have the same filters as are found in built-in filters. These added filters, in addition to HEPA filters, include activated carbon, photo-catalytic, UV, Ion filters, and ozone. Each of these additional filters works to keep your home air as pure as mountain air, the purest air on earth.

Though stand-alone filters are much less expensive than built-in ones, you might still think they are and added expense you may not need. Don’t be fooled. The expenses saved from having fewer medical needs more than offset the costs. In addition, it is hard to put a value on allergy and asthma free living.

Pure air, free of bacteria as well as dust mites, is a valuable resource that can only be found with a quality air filter that has several “layers” of filtration for best performance.

Author Bio 

With two children who suffer from asthma, Michelle Clark found herself forever dusting to keep her home free of dangerous dust mites. She found a way to eliminate dusting needs – air filtering.