Emergency Lights – Basic Facts and Proper Use

Emergency lights are most needed to help us when the power goes out. Any model needs a generator or a battery system which can support the device with electricity during the blackout. Some years ago the battery backup were much bigger, but now 1500 mAh can be compressed in just some few inches of a device.

Emergency Lights Systems for Companies

A company needs an emergency lights system as a top priority as numerous people can be impacted in case of an emergency. Because we live in an era of technology where everyone is stocking the information in computers, which run on electrical energy, once the electric energy down all devices which are using it will stop working and will do a lot of damage to the non-saved data. This makes most companies invest in an auxiliary generator to allow everyone to continue work even in the event of a black out, so this generator can easily be adapted to support emergency lights so that everyone in the company is safe.

Emergency Lights – Basic Facts and Proper Use

Emergency lights systems offer a big variety of lighting solutions, and they can save lives. There are excellent commercial and industrial applications provided for indoor thermoplastic emergency lights or NEMA rated fiberglass fixtures.

Emergency Lights – Proper Placement and Visibility

The perfect emergency lighting solution must be placed in the right place, and this is pretty important. There are a lot of online stores that supply with industry’s best emergency lighting products, and the resources to help you install the emergency lights, which is very helpful and informative. These systems can be installed very easily by just following the instructions which follow all the requirements and regulations. Emergency Lights are guaranteed and safe for using in the United States and Canada and they come with a five-year warranty at the right stores.

Non- Electrical Systems and Rechargeable Batteries for Emergency Lights

 Emergency Lights – Basic Facts and Proper Use

Some stores produce devices without using electricity, like the non-electrical exit signs, so in the case of an earthquake clients of a shop for example will know where the exit path is, just in case electricity is not available. Such exit signs have a lifespan of at least 10 years. Otherwise these can be bought with batteries and power supply, in emergency situations they are used to operate a lighting unit, an electrical exit sign or exit sign combo when the regular power is lost.

The best batteries are rechargeable and they will work for extended time when the power is lost. If we speak about exit signs most of them are using LED technology to illuminate and to can be seen from a considerable distance. On the other hand emergency lights need to use more power and of course a power source of energy. When choosing the proper battery we must calculate a time of minimum two hours of self-illuminating for an average exit sign.