Fun Kids Room Ideas Using Dry Erase Paint

Before your children become older and responsible enough to think of scribbling on walls as a reprehensible activity, they instinctively want to use any writing implement on any surface available. They are curious, they want to explore their surroundings, they want to practice their new found ability to create shapes and images and want to express their creativity.

How wonderful it would be for parents not to have to curb those instincts – let their children have a free hand with their creativity and also not have to deal with the tedium of cleaning later! Judicious use of dry erase paint can make this possible; here’s how:

Dry Erase Paint for your Child’s Room

This is basically a type of paint (either black or white) that can be applied to practically any smooth surface to turn it into a surface for writing or drawing, which can be easily erased and reused endlessly.  The possibilities are literally endless – think of the fun your child will have if they can draw and write, and scribble and doodle whenever the fancy strikes them!

Wall or Walls of the Playroom

A safe and non-hazardous option for a child’s room; dry erase paint or whiteboard paint is a low odor, low VOC product that helps create a creative space or a practical study aid. You could paint an entire wall of your child’s room in white dry erase paint or you could treat the lower part of the wall (up to the height that your child could reach). You could even apply the paint to all the walls of your child’s room so that he or she can doodle, scribble, sketch and write literally anywhere they wish.

At first your child is going to write gibberish on there, then perhaps letters and numbers, later perhaps drawings and designs that express their creativity. They can practice their math, draw science diagrams and more on those walls.

Other Places you can Apply Whiteboard Paint

If your child is more inclined to draw and scribble on surfaces other than the walls, treat those surfaces with dry erase paint instead. The top of the study table, the sides of a bunk bed, the wardrobe door or the door of the room – let your child play notches and crosses, challenge friends to a speed drawing competition, create timetables, schedules and more.

How Parents can use Dry Erase Paint Spaces in Kids’ Rooms

Parents can also use that white board or black board space in their child’s room. Write an inspirational quote or a thought for the day on there or post an encouraging message for your child or just a little note to tell them what they mean to you. Create a huge Happy Birthday greeting or sign for your child to wake up to on their special day. Write little reminders or messages for your child to read. Since a dry erase paint treated space is so easy to clean, you and your child can try something new each day!