Get Introduced To Different Types of Ovens!!

Nowadays, modern kitchen appliances have taken the place in everyone’s regular life and have left a huge impact on people’s live. People now can’t imagine their life without these modern appliances and can’t think beyond not having these appliances. Among all these modern appliances, oven is one of them that had stolen the hearts of majority of people. So, here is presented list of different types of ovens that would prove as a helpful guide in selecting the right type of oven for your kitchen.

  • Built-in Ovens:

Get Introduced To Different Types of Ovens!!

A built-in oven, also referred as wall oven, is a cooking appliance built directly into the wall of a kitchen. This particular style of oven unit is being paired directly with a cooking range on the top of the oven. As these built-in ovens are not featured with cook-top, it is more often installed directly on the kitchen countertop at different heights. These wall ovens are available in two variants- single wall oven units and double wall oven units which are available in different sizes. Majority of built-in ovens contains self-cleaning feature and safety locking mechanism that makes oven more hassle-free to operate. During cleaning process, the safety device prevents the oven from getting open.

  • Electric Ovens:

 Get Introduced To Different Types of Ovens!!

Electric ovens effectively distribute the heat and are powered by electricity, ultimately resulting in higher heating cost for the consumer. Majority of the customers prefers this type of oven as they generally use dry heat that helps in preventing the buildup of the rust. These electric ovens also feature a thermostat that controls oven’s temperature electronically, as many of them have top, bottom as well as rear grill elements. Even though electric ovens consume more heat, they are relatively inexpensive as compared to other types of ovens.

  • Microwave Ovens:

Get Introduced To Different Types of Ovens!!

A cooking device having the capability of cooking as well as reheating the food at much faster speed as compared to other conventional ovens is known as microwave ovens. These microwave ovens use radiation to cook food and are helpful for those who are leading a hectic life. These microwave ovens are available from built-in kitchen versions to easily transportable countertop versions. There are majority of basic countertop versions that are relatively cheap as compared to other more expensive models that offers features like rotating turntables, weight sensors that prevent undercooking or burning as well as pre-programmed settings for dozens of kinds of food. Microwaves offer great versatility in cooking but are not suitable for cooking large meals.

  • Gas Ovens:

Get Introduced To Different Types of Ovens!!

Gas ovens are suitable for those who spend lot of time in the kitchen as they prove to be economical in the long run. These ovens can heat up or cool down more quickly as compared to other types of ovens. Gas ovens are widely known to provide greater control over the exact temperature of the oven, while getting up heated evenly. Some of the gas ovens are controlled electronically by the thermostat, while others are attached to a natural gas outlet.

Thus, these are the main variants of oven available in the market. Other than above specified variants, two more variants of ovens are available, namely- double ovens and brick ovens. These two are also two major types of ovens having distinctive quality and features of each of them.

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Dessy Anaiwan is a blogger and an experienced marketing consultant who has a strong background in market research and sales of home appliances. As she is having good knowledge of home appliances, she is sharing different types of ovens available in the market like single wall ovens, gas ovens, microwave ovens and many more.