Great Devices To Make Sure No One Breaks Into Your Home

With home break-ins steadily increasing each year, it’s important to secure your property and protect it from becoming a target for burglars. With over two million break-ins reported each year, it’s crucial to safeguard the home and deter potential threats that can welcome intruders. Fortunately, there are a number of great devices that are available on the market that will protect the property and reduce your risk of a break-in.

Door Stop Barrier

To make it impossible for a door to be opened from the outside, the Door Stop Barrier uses an adjustable footpad that can be installed on any type of door or incline in the home. With its compact size and simple design, it stays secure on the ground and can be used on common points of entry on the first floor. In the event of an emergency, it’s also easy to remove within seconds.

Y-Cam Cube

To enhance the surveillance on your property, this device is motion-activated for a hidden spy camera that is difficult to detect for intruders. With a high-definition screen that connects to the Internet, it’s easy to monitor the premises and report any suspicious activity that may occur. According to, any activity detected on the camera is also sent straight to a smartphone device or tablet to ensure that you can keep a close eye on your home even when you’re away from the property.

Saxby Security Light

Burglars are naturally drawn to dark porches where they can easily stay hidden and attempt a quick break-in. The Saxby Security Light senses motion from several feet away and will quickly send out a strong glare to catch the person off-guard or alert neighbors of the activity.

Siren Padlock

For a product that that will immediately draw attention to intruders, the Siren Padlock sounds an alarm if it’s moved and can be installed on any door of the home. The noise reaches 100 decibels and can be used in conjunction with The Door Club™ safeguard system, which can be installed by a professional such as Affordable Lock Services Inc., a locksmith in Newmarket. 

When it comes to protecting your home and preventing break-ins that are prone to occur in most areas, it’s important to use a number of devices and gadgets that enhance your security measures. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that any attempt at a break-in will quickly be thwarted while investing in products that can save you thousands of dollars in loss.