Hand Knotted Persian Rugs Will Change Your Life

There is nothing like having Persian Rugs decorating your home. The look, texture and feel of these rugs enhance your home décor and also add real value as well. In fact, many interior decorators look to high quality Persian and oriental rugs as a solid part of improving the overall appearance of your home.

Of course, you can choose from either machine crafted or hand knotted rugs when it comes to the type and style that best suits your needs. But what exactly is a hand knotted Persian rug?

What are Hand Knotted Rugs?

These are rugs that are created by hand using processes that go back many centuries. Hand knotted oriental rugs and Persian rugs are not so much made, but crafted by artisans who are very skilled in their work. They represent the highest form of rug making thanks to their skill, craftsmanship and dedication to their work.

These type of rugs will have some imperfections, but they only add to the overall charm of the rug itself. Unlike machine-created rugs, hand knotted rugs have a beauty, texture and color that simply cannot be duplicated.

How Hand Knotted Persian Rugs Impact Your Life

Persian rugs are more than just an affectation as they are an investment into the overall quality of your home. These types of rugs offer high quality and long lasting appeal when they are handmade from the finest materials.

Quality: The overall quality of hand knotted rugs cannot be touched by their machine-made counterparts. However, you’ll want to have at least 100 knots per square inch for most designs and over 300 knots per square inch for intricate patterns. The number of knots is very important and your rug dealer will be able to inform you about the number that is present along with the ticket on the rug itself.

Iran: The country of Iran continually produces the best Persian rugs in the world. Their time-honored process has simply not been touched by any other country. So, it is important to look at the tag to see where the rug has been made.

Classic Design: By choosing a classic design, you’ll ensure that your Persian rug will never go out of style. Built to last for generations of use, a traditional design provides you with a rug that will never go out of style and hold its value year after year.

Durability: Did you know that Persian rugs that are over a century old still make for a great investment? This is because when they are well crafted and properly maintained, rugs of this type can last for a very long time. This means that your investment will be appreciated by family members who have yet to be born.

Persian rugs are a true investment that will last more than a lifetime, bringing with them quality and style to the home where they reside. By investing in Persian or oriental rugs, you are passing down a valuable heirloom to your descendants who will appreciate the style, beauty and luxury that these particular type of hand knotted rugs will bring.