Have A Brief Look At Top 10 Kitchen Extension Ideas

There are numerous reasons for extending the area of the home. Whether it may be for creating more space or you love the area of the home or even if you just want to add up value to the home, the idea of extending the home is worth. This idea of extending home truly involves lots of hassles and surely it may be a daunting task, but if one loves the area or free space and wants to make an effective use of the space, then one can move further with the idea.

While thinking for the extension of space, one has to decide first about where one wants to extend the room space. According to many of the conservatory companies, it is recommended to make the extension of the kitchen area. The kitchen is the best place to add up a conservatory and utilize the space in the most effective way. So, let us have a brief look at top 10 kitchen extension ideas that are really worth to have:

Have A Brief Look At Top 10 Kitchen Extension Ideas

  • Conservatory kitchen extension: This type of kitchen allows the access to the gardens through the conservatory extension. It gives the outdoor feeling by extending the area with a table and placing it cleverly to give the best dining feeling regardless the kind of weather is. The oak frame structure could lend a warm touch to the glass of the design while adding up an organic feel which truly works along with the surrounding scenery.
  • Zoned kitchen extension: This is a kind of bespoke scheme that flows towards a relaxed living space along with the pretty painted cabinetries in different shades of purple, lilac and soft green. If the kitchen space is like a long room, then the layout could be configured out into the different zones, while the dining and living areas stationed at the gardens. This will give relaxing views and could be enjoyed while eating.
  • Orangery style kitchen extension: Most of the orangery companies in London suggest having orangery style kitchen extension as one could opt to match up with the flooring in the similar shades. One can match up the kitchen extensions with the tiles, roof lanterns and many other things that could be replaced easily. In the orangery style kitchen, the traditional doors would match up giving a colourful touch to the kitchen.
  • Garden-level kitchen extension: The garden-level kitchen extension involves timber floorboards inside that are complemented by the wooden decking outside. It gives perfect look with the rustic cabinetry and farmhouse table.
  • Sliding door kitchen extension: Adding up a sliding glass door when planning for kitchen extension would give the rooms an alfresco feel. The unadorned as well as sleek style of these doors would definitely complement with any modern style kitchen and would give it a complete look with an utmost perfection.
  • Side-return kitchen extension: This type of kitchen extension generally involves extending the unused space at the side of Victorian house while maximizing the kitchen space. Within this layout, the slanted glass panels usually run the length of the room and using the lights instead of glass windows it makes the conservatory lighted up. It also allows extra wall space for setting up cabinetries.
  • Open-plan kitchen extension: While considering an extension, if one is thinking to feature the varying roof heights by incorporating the ceiling lanterns overhead, then open-plan kitchen extensions are the best idea. This type of extension would set up the scene for striking horizontal-grain cabinetry and featuring dark-green walls along with it.
  • Kitchen extension with bi-fold doors: By installing large glass doors, the length of the room could be folded back while making the outside as an extension of the interior. One can really enjoy outdoor views with this extension.
  • Double-height kitchen extension: For those kitchens that are not located at the ground floor could opt for double-height kitchen extension. With this kind of layout, a modern design is being located at the second storey of the double-height extensions that opens to a small terrace further.
  • Vaulted-roof kitchen extension: The floor-to-ceiling vaulted windows generally surround the kitchen gives the garden views from almost all the angles.

Thus, these were some of the great ideas for kitchen extension. One could go with any of these ideas just to give an extraordinary look to their kitchen.

Author’s Bio: Steve Martin is a renowned interior designer and works with the home improvement Orangery Company in London for many years. Here he is sharing some of the best kitchen extension ideas.