Home Alarm Reviews – Who and What To Trust

We are now living in a world where anxiety and tensions have made us so frustrated that people adopt unfair means to fulfil their basic needs. And sometimes these are our whims and lame desires that make us blind and we are ready to demolish other’s rights. Street crimes, thefts and robbery is becoming much common these days and most of the people remain afraid of this. In such a situation, home Security Alarms is a god option.

Alarm Systems: 

Security alarms are systems designed to detect any intrusion from an unauthorized entry. They are used in residential areas, industrial and commercial units, military and Government properties, cars and almost everywhere to protect against any damage or theft. 

Components of Alarm Systems:

The Alarm Systems consists of sensors to detect intruders and electric devices to indicate the intrusions. A basic Alarm Systems consists of the following phenomenon:

–         Sensors:

Sensors sense intrusion. They are placed at the perimeter of the protected area. Intrusions are detected by various methods including monitoring openings and monitoring unoccupied intrusions for vibration, sound and motion.

–         Alerting Devices:

They indicate alarm conditions. Most commonly used alerting devices are sirens, bells and flashing lights. They serve to warn the owner of the property and scare off the thieves.

–         Security Devices:

Security Devices such as cameras, lasers and spotlights detect and identify thieves.

–         Keypads:

They function as human-machine interface to the system. Keypads feature indicator light, small multi-character display and sometimes both.

–         Alarm Control Unit:

It is the brain of the system.

Alarm System Reviews:

With every passing day the world is becoming more and more competitive and so is the security industry. With hundreds of options available, it gets difficult to choose the right one for yourself. Here we will provide you a detailed review on the glowing names in the security industry to help you find one which satisfies your need completely.



For years Frontpoint has been at the top of the iceberg. The system is wireless and is monitored every second of the day. Forget the days when power failure and cut phone lines were a trouble. Frontpoint provides an excellent customer service, offers crash and smash protection, uses General Electric monitoring equipment and supports Z-Wave for home automation.


Unfortunately, Frontpoint does not serve in areas without cellular reception and there is no 2-way intercom. It is not licensed to work in various other places as well, including Henderson, Las Vegas and Quebec, a Canadian province.



LiveWatch is a personal favorite of all those who want to install their own home alarm system. Previously called ad SafeMart, LiveWatch serves people who are in search of home automation, camera security and business security services. It offers crash and smash protection and a completely cellular system. Self-installation is made easy by Plug and Protect systems.


The previous name SafeMart confuses a lot of customers as they look for it as Safe Mart. Also, the LiveWatch provide an equipment warranty for only 2 years.

Protect America:


Protect America is known to meet the needs of almost everyone. It is affordable and offers different options to choose from. It has no activation or equipment charges and the system can easily be relocated as well. Home automation is available via Z-Wave. Protect America has an excellent customer service and offers lifetime equipment warranty.


Today cellular monitoring is the most trusted and secure communication, yet Protect America does not make it mandatory for its security system. The company is known for its aggressive sales tactics and does not offer any free trial period as well.

Click here to learn more about Protect America

Link Interactive:


Having a vast experience of 60 years, Link Interactive has become a national competitor. It offers cash and mash protection and interactive services. It is wireless and supports cellular monitoring service. The system keeps a periodic check for smooth functioning of the system.


Link Interactive offers services for 3 years and then the contract needs to be renewed. No professional installation is offered and the equipment warranty is only for a year.



As the name says, SimpliSafe is the easiest home security system. The company offers equipment which can be self-installed, reducing the installation costs. SimpliSafe offers a 3 year equipment warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee. The system uses cellular communication with remote monitoring station. It also has its smartphone app for remote control over system. The security system is wireless and easily be re located.


The system has no security cameras or home automation. The interactive features cost a $100 initially and a $10 on monthly basis. The alarm is remarkably weak as well.



To begin with, AlarmForce has no upfront cost. The monthly monitoring is affordable with a lifetime equipment warranty. The system is wireless and can be easily re located. It provides you the facility to see and talk with anyone on the other side of the door via unique VideoRelay system.


The equipment is not owned by the user and if the equipment is broken, the user has to pay for it. AlarmForce offes no home automation nor interactive monitoring and no self-installation.



LifeShield gives you the options of self-installation and professional installation. It offers Interactive control via LifeShield Interactive Apps for smartphones and tables. LifeShield offers Dual Defense Technology, just in case one of the alarms fails, the other sends a warning. The system can be easily re located.


LifeShield does not offer cellular monitoring or home automation.



Previously names as APX, Vivint is now known for its competitive pricing. The security system is completely wireless, with lifetime warranty for equipment. It has a touch screen control panel and notifies the user if the alarm is in the not responding state.


It has an expensive monthly monitoring and aggressive sale tactics. Also they use equipment from varied manufacturers.



ADT is the largest and most well-known home security name. It offers same day installation, professional installation service for people who are not comfortable with the do-it-yourself Security companies. Cellular monitoring, called as CellGuard is available, but with additional charges. ADT provides a $500 in theft protection.  You can learn more about ADT by clicking here.


Re location is not offered. Equipment warranty is offered at additional cost. ADT does not offer do-it-yourself or self-installation option.

So there are different products that can serve the purpose. Go for a security alarm system and you are in safe hands.