How Much Maintenance Does A Glass Lift Need?

You may have wanted to have a lift installed in your home, but have shied away, not knowing what and how much it takes to maintain one. Such a concern is common and perfectly understandable for the layman. You’d be surprised to learn that glass elevators are easier to maintain than you think. Read on and you’ll find out more about glass lift maintenance procedures.

Facts on Glass Lift Maintenance

In general, glass elevators vary differently from the traditional elevators when it comes to its operation. How they differ is with the pneumatic or vacuum motors. In order to understand how glass lifts are almost maintenance-free models, you need to understand how these vacuums or pneumatic motors work.

Vacuum motors are powered with the use of air and not cables, weights, lubricants or gears. Vacuum elevators move with the amount of pressure in the shaft. When the pressure just above the elevator cabin is reduced, the lift moves up. The sooner the pressure is reduced at the top of the car, the sooner it enables the car to move up.

For the lift to descend, the same process takes place, but on the opposite end. The pressure is reduced beneath the car, and as soon the pressure is reduced, the car lowers down gradually. Since the lift operates only by air pressure, it does not require any cables, gearboxes, pulleys, lubricants and counterweights. Besides, the glass elevator‘s vacuum motor is not at all complicated compared to the traditional lift that is powered by cables.

Maintenance of Traditional Lifts

Traditional elevators are typically driven by cables or with the use of hydraulics and have a lot of moving parts. You’ll find lots of machine gears, fans and cables located in the machine room. Looking into the “hoist way” itself, there are numerous cables and pulleys to lift the cabin, gear boxes, machine parts and counter weights. So if one of these items gets damaged or wears down, the whole system will get affected.

Maintenance of traditional lifts, especially the moving parts, needs to be done regularly, to make sure everything is well-lubricated and to have the system smoothly. For these types of lifts, maintenance is a must and needs to be done at least annually.

If you compare the two – traditional lifts versus glass lifts, it would seem that the glass lift does not need a lot of maintenance after all, in comparison to its traditional counterpart.

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