How Nerve Wracking It Can Be To Find A Great Home Builder

Building your new house is one of the biggest assignments you undertake in your life as it not only requires a huge investment but also entails a lot of planning and arrangements for which you definitely require professional help. Things start getting complicated when you begin searching for that one particular individual who shares your vision and is able to match your expectations in delivering the dream house you always envisioned. However, finding the perfect house builder is a lot harder than getting the house built as this person is in charge of every detail of the house from the beginning to the finish, and the outcome depends greatly on this builder’s hard work and approach.


It is common to hear of experiences where the owners realize later that the house builder isn’t doing justice to the job assigned to him or even worse when he is not willing to take the owner’s perspective in consideration, thus creating a conflict between the two. Too often builders fail to set realistic expectations for their clients and at times even let the owners lead the way rather than taking control themselves, which further leads to catastrophic consequences.

Keeping these complexities in mind, a close friend and her family were faced with the same dilemma of getting their house built and were striving to seek help from a reputed home builder, who had the required experience, was dependable, and would be able to give their needs precedence while meeting standards. In their search for an ideal builder, they ended up moving to Florida and immediately found a home builder in the Ocala area.

The Boutwell Contracting & Development is a reputable general contractor and one of the finest builders in Ocala that specializes in home construction, commercial building construction as well as remodeling.

The company’s operations are centered on five major principles which include maintaining transparency with clients through clear communication, never compromising on the quality of work, providing the best possible services, working as a well-coordinated team and abiding by legal and ethical values in all projects and transactions whether it is with customers or sub-contractors.


As per the feedback from customers, Boutwell Contracting & Development has not only designed houses with attention to every detail through their experience and recommendations but also managed to finish the projects well ahead of the designated time.

My friend and her family were more than gratified after meeting the company’s co-owners and brothers, Jason and Garett Boutwell who possess a vast experience in this field and great ties in the local construction industry. All in all, their work assured her that she had placed the greatest task of building her dream home in the right hands. At the end of the project, they were more than ecstatic that the contractors had kept their promise of delivering the most excellent services and went beyond expectations. Their house was built right on schedule according to the details emphasized in the start.

Final Say

To sum up, it is definitely not an easy task to find an ideal builder who values your concerns and give them just as much importance as you do. Once you come across builders like Boutwell Contracting & Development you can lay all your worries to rest and be well assured that your work is half done.