HOW TO: 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Quality Of Life With Water Filtration Systems

Let’s face it. Water quality is usually far from everyone’s first priority. With disease outbreaks, flu season in full swing, and the holidays approaching, no one has time to assess their current water situation – or even think about it for that matter!

Why do we neglect water quality? Because most people are unaware of how much water quality affects their lives. According to recent studies, the average person uses around 75 gallons of water per day. Yes, 75 gallons. That means you and your family potentially come in contact with 75 gallons of dangerous toxins every day.

Not such a backburner topic anymore, is it? Fortunately, the solution to your water quality woes is quick, easy, and convenient. All you have to do is utilize a trusted, reliable water filtration system in your home and let the problem take care of itself.

You’ll be reaping the benefits of filtered water in no time and furthermore, calm all your water quality qualms. Here are 3 ways water filtration systems can improve your quality of living and help keep your family happy and healthy.

Rid Your Home Of Toxins

Recent studies report 80% of US water exhibits a total hardness of 10 gpg or more as calcium carbonate equivalent. In layman’s terms, this qualifies 80% of US water as “hard.” Hardness is a characteristic of natural water that occurs due to the presence of dissolved calcium and magnesium.

Along with calcium and magnesium, hard water also tends to pick up an assortment of other dangerous toxins, chemicals, detergents, animal/insect waste, pesticides, human waste, bacteria, lead, arsenic, etc., before it gets to your home.

HOW TO: 3 Ways You Can Improve Your Quality Of Life With Water Filtration Systems

Without the use of a water filtration system, your family is exposed to all of these toxins daily (75 gallons to be exact!).

Luckily, with a quick water filtration system install, your family does not have to be subjected to these toxins any longer. Water filtration systems work instantly and you can use as much water as you’d like without ever having to worry about running out of “soft,” clean water. No changing filters every month, no family water conservation rules, and no weekly or monthly maintenance. Just great water delivered to you every time you turn on a faucet.

Save Money. Like A Ton Of It.

Out of all of the negative effects caused by hard water, the majority of people feel the most pain and annoyance from the consequences hard water can have on your wallet.  Hard water is infamous for causing appliance malfunction, pipe clogging, increasing energy bills, and more.

Let’s start with hard water’s effect on appliances. Hard water often makes household appliances work double time. This not only decreases the longevity of your appliance, but it also causes your energy bill to skyrocket. So, you’ve now got a double-whammy. Appliance repair or replacement costs combined with an outrageously expensive energy bill. Yikes.

Additionally, hard water is also responsible for the amount and the frequency in which we buy household cleaning products. According to the Orange County California Consumer Survey, 20% of supermarket expenses are for detergents, soaps, cleaning chemicals and personal hygiene products. Imagine that percentage doubling or tripling due to hard water cancelling out the effectiveness of these products.

By installing a water filtration system in your home, you can cut down on these associated costs and start saving that extra money for a rainy day. Or possibly for a much-needed vacation!

Eliminate Unnecessary Problems

There’s no denying how bad hard water is for your home. From stubborn stains on household fixtures to spotty dishes, hard water makes itself known to you and whoever visits your home.

For some, the noticeable visible presence of hard water seems like a small price to pay versus the cost of investing in a durable water filtration system. However, it’s important to realize that these small nuisances can/and will turn into colossal problems later.

For example, hard water, because of its chemical nature, often clogs pipes. This in turn results in frequent plumbing problems for homeowners. No one wants to have to endure constant repairs or a complete overhaul of their plumbing system. Why not save yourself some time and money by investing in a guaranteed solution?

Water filtration systems allow homeowners to keep their homes beautiful and free of the costly and unnecessary problems caused by hard water. After all, you’ve worked hard to maintain your home’s quality and aesthetic appeal. Why let such a fixable problem ruin that?  Invest in a reliable water filtration system and relieve yourself of these problems today.