How To Burglar-Proof Your House

Making your house burglar-proof is literally not possible, but one must take as many precautions as they can. There are some methods like installing a wireless alarm, getting a dog, or installing cameras that can go a long way in deterring intruders from your house. Read on to know more about it.

There is one thing about house burglaries that home owners can take heart in — if you do not have extremely precious stuff lying around in your house, perhaps something like a top-secret document of national importance or some rare artifact that is worth millions, a professional burglar is not going to waste his time breaking your lock.

The worst it is going to be is either an amateur or a semi-professional looking for a quick job. And these are easy to deter if you have some basics in place: 

  • Wireless Alarms: Installing an alarm is worth the trouble because burglars get put-off when they see that their entrance will create a noise. They want to go in and come out as discretely as possible. ADT wireless alarms are better than wired ones because they are less prone to give out false alarms and can be controlled with a remote.
  • Install cameras: As we said, getting caught is the last thing any intruder wants. If they see a camera that is apparently capturing all their movements, they would not risk it.  If you can’t manage a complete surveillance system, at least don’t put fake ones that blink red lights because everyone knows real cameras don’t do that. You can get a burned out camera or mount a real one and not wire it, but make sure the fake wiring is not apparent. 
  • Get a dog: All thieves are afraid of dogs, big or small. If you cannot have a real dog, put up a “beware of dogs” sign at a spot clearly visible from the entrance. You should also put a chain and dog bowl by the back door to make it more real. 
  • Get a decoy safe: A good way to protect your valuables is by making the intruder believe that he got the real stuff while it actually is just a bunch of fake custom jewelry. A thief doesn’t spend more than 8 minutes in a house on an average. He will just grab whatever comes his way and not bother to check whether it is real diamonds he is picking or some good zircon. Get a decoy safe and keep it semi-hidden while keep your real valuables away in a well-hidden place. 

A lot of things that you can do to protect your home are common sense. For example, not announcing your vacation on social media, putting timers on lights when you are away, and being discrete while doing away with the packaging of the costly shopping you did.

Do you have more practical tips that can help? Please share.