How To Choose A Marketing Agency For Your Construction Company

Every business needs customers and construction companies benefit greatly from effective marketing campaigns. Hiring a marketing agency can be one of the most crucial choices you can make for your construction business. It’s important to select an agency that’s able to develop, manage and implement sound strategies efficiently.

Working with an agency that’s capable of helping your construction business attract and keep more clients is a must-have in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why a construction marketing agency that is experienced, versatile and offers comprehensive services should be high on your list of priority candidates.

The Difference between Good and Bad Construction Marketing Agencies

A good marketing agency can be easy to spot, but it’s always helpful to check if the agency you’re eyeing will be the right fit for your construction company. Partnering with the wrong agency can damage business relationships and cost clients and resources. Here are some red flags that you need to watch out for with marketing agencies that you should avoid:

  • The agency asks for unreasonable fees and terms.
  • They are not updated with the latest policies in content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and other new technologies.
  • The agency can’t back up their claimed successes with actual numbers.
  • There are no positive results in marketing or sales.

However, when you spot these signs, know that they are great endorsements for a marketing agency:

  • The agency is open to brainstorming, developing and sharing new approaches and ideas.
  • They have experience in the field of construction and development.
  • They are able to show successful results.
  • They can work with different management personnel regardless of who is in charge.
  • They work well and cooperate with you and your company.

Just like every aspect of business, a lot of time, effort and resources are needed to make sure that a potential partnership with a marketing agency won’t result in a disaster. Networking and referrals are a great way to receive options, and searching for a construction marketing agency online often brings great results.

The selection process is made much easier when you take these three steps:

1.) Establish Your Terms

First, determine the budget you’re willing to set aside for marketing services. Do you want to work with an agency that solely handles construction clients or are you willing to branch out to consider agencies that only have category expertise in the field? Decide which marketing services are must-haves and nice-to-haves. Do you require immediate communication or are you open to a more laid-back approach? Answering these questions will help  you narrow down your choices quickly.

2.) Find Potential Matches

Once you’ve determined what you require from your ideal marketing agency, it’s time to search and consider potential partners. Initial choices can range from five to ten marketing agencies. After comprehensive reviews, narrow the choices down to around three potential candidates. Once you have your top three choices, contact the marketing agencies to schedule interviews. Since this is an initial stage, communicating via phone or Skype is enough. When it’s time to take the interview step further, set up an onsite visit with the people you’ll be working with.

3.) Select A Marketing Agency

Selecting team members to help you deliberate over the candidates is a great way to decide on the agency that’ll be a good fit for your construction company. Your selection committee should help you weigh the pros and cons that each agency offers before agreeing on which one to hire.