How To Decorate Your Study Area

Study on the bed, sofa or chair is not the best option; ideally have a specific place to perform your tasks. That’s why in this article we give you some tips on how to achieve an inspiring but mostly functional space for working at home.

Choose a Place to Just Study

If you have a room reserved for your studies do not worry there is always a corner at home that we can use. Begin by choosing a corner in your bedroom or living room, avoid the aisles and maximizes the site you chose.


The first thing you need is a desk, the size will depend on the space you have. A chair and places to store are also indispensable. Make sure that every piece of furniture that has a function and forget about those who are just unnecessary frills.

Good Lighting

Lighting is essential to your workspace whether natural or artificial. Search options such as windows or lamps that provide direct and clear light, avoid fluorescent.


Color is very important because depending on the shades you choose will be the energy that you transmit. We recommend using neutral colors, but if your space is small light colors are ideal because they’ll give you a feeling of spaciousness. To give a touch of color you can choose to wear bright shades in pictures, objects or furniture.

Reduce Distractions

The purpose of this place is that you have enough concentration to achieve peace and do your job efficiently and effectively, thereby preventing that this place has appliances that can entertain you like TV, radio, etc…


These points are very important as they also help reduce distractions. Put everything in its place intended for your items special items such as; glass for pencils, a drawer for paper, a shelf for books, and a basket for trash. Moreover crates and baskets used for storage, and set a label to explain what’s inside.

Put Your Personal Touch

Keep in mind that you are designing this site for you so add your particular stamp that reflects your personality. You can lean crafts, diy, looking for ways to recycle, adapt and draw on what you have available. Fire your imagination!


Remember not to decorate, use elements that bring you comfort and will not detract appeal to your space. Opt for a carpet, a wall clock, delicate flowers or some decorative objects, could help create a better environment for the study.


Last but not least do not forget the cleaning and care of each items you have in your study area. Remember that cleaning brings a touch of freshness to any place.

We hope these tips are useful to adapt your workspace where you find peace and comfort. If you know any other advice it would be good to share with us.