How to Keep Kids Protected During Home Renovation

Renovating a house can be quite tedious and you are likely to have a hectic time taking care of a dozen odd jobs. And no matter how much you try, this is unavoidable. While you cope with the hassles of home renovation, ensuring safety of the toddlers can prove to be an added challenge.

A couple of months ago I faced the dreaded ordeal of a renovation. Something I had put away for long until it loomed in my thoughts day and night. And when the D-day arrived, hell broke loose. My twins were all over the place, and their safety became a huge concern.

Understanding the Major Challenges Involved in Kids Safety

My twins are very playful and on the borderline of being labeled hyperactive. I had to figure out ways to keep them away from harm, as the renovation begun.

During a house revamp, kids of any age can get injured and their health may be affected by:

  • Sharp metal objects
  • Exposed electric wiring
  • Lead dust and other types of pollutants
  • Bacterial contamination

Finding the Right Contractor

It is not just enough to hire a contractor that has expert staff with knowledge in floor revamp or painting its walls. You will have to find an agency that has an intimate understanding of clients needs. I came across a company called Newstart Homes, which proved to be a savior me. Their expert staff advised me about the best possible ways to keep my kids safe and away from danger when home renovation was in progress.

Secluding the Work Area

Upon the advice of the staff, I separated the work area from the rooms we would stay during the revamp process. I decided that carrying out renovations in the bedroom and living room first would be prudent. That gave me the chance to spend more time with my twins in the kid’s room.. The staff carrying out the repair and flooring erected some plastic barriers which also proved to be of great help.

Giving Kids Enough Recreation Options

Practically speaking, you would not like to stay confined in a room for a long time, whether it is a workplace or home, unless there are plenty of recreation and entertainment options. The same holds good for toddlers and kids. You just cannot expect that they will willingly spend time within the confines of a room, it is just not possible!

The way to keep them inside is to give them toys that will intrigue and hold their attention.  I gave my twins some new video games and a dozen animated movies. That of course meant, having the TV installed in their room. This resulted in occasional fights over the TV remote, but it was more manageable than letting them out in the areas where renovation was in full swing.

Communicating With Kids in the Right Manner

You have to understand that kids are curious by nature and the moment you tell them to evade something or to stay out of the way, their mind will get hooked to it! I told my twins that some guys are going to carry out boring cleanup jobs in the house, and if they stayed out of the way, I would take them to a water theme park the following weekend. This did the trick for my kids and their mind was fixed on the weekend trip.

Using Materials that are Not Hazardous for Kids

This is as important as keeping kids safe from sharp objects or electric wires during home renovation. I opted for organic and lead free paints to color the interior walls. Of course, it did cost me more than regular lead-based paints, but also ensured that the health of my kids would not be compromised in the long run. I also ensured proper ventilation in work areas. I kept the windows open and switched on fans to get pollutants out of my home so that the children remain unaffected.

So, while it was tough to handle kids during renovation, it was not that difficult either. By taking the right precautions, you can keep the stress at bay and spend a relaxed time with your kids.