How To Pick A Company For Office Cleaning

At the end of a long workday, the last thing that any manager or business owner wants to worry about is how the carpets are going to get vacuumed for the next business day, or who is going to remove the streaks on the windows. Professional office cleaning services put all of these worries to rest.

Most employees are pretty good about making sure that their general work area is cleaned at the end of the day, the desk neat and orderly, all garbage in the trash bin, and files put back where they belong. It takes much more than this to get an office looking in pristine condition for the start of business the next day however. What is needed are the services of an office cleaning company that have the specialized equipment and personnel to do the job right.

Whether it is just nightly touch-ups that are needed, or more thorough cleaning is required for high traffic areas, expert office cleaning services leave the work area spotless. There are a large number of companies that one can choose from but there are several factors that should be considered when making a final decision.

Price is obviously a main consideration, especially when services are required daily. Like anything else though, cheapest is not always the best option. Any company that is chosen should be able to provide references of both current and past clients that are satisfied with the job that has been done. Reputation is important and most office cleaning services are happy to share the names and locations of other jobs that they are responsible for.

Each employee with the cleaning company should be fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Many businesses deal with private and sensitive information so it is essential that trust is established. If it is difficult to make a decision between companies in the area, think about getting recommendations from high security places such as banks or government offices.

It is also helpful to know the exact services that the company will provide and on what schedule. Unless there is something unusual that you require to be done, every company provides a list of basic services that fit the needs of most businesses. Common services include the following:

•             Vacuuming

•             Dusting

•             Mopping the floors

•             Waxing and floor polishing

•             Emptying the trash bins

•             Washing windows

•             Cleaning kitchen and break room areas

•             Refilling soap and hand sanitizer dispensers and paper products

The size of the office determines how large of a cleaning crew will be needed to accomplish all of the tasks that need to be done, and the time frame within which they will complete it. It is a good idea to discuss exactly what the cleaners will do each time they are in the building, what time they will get there, and if they offer services that are not listed. Some companies offer services that are not needed on a regular basis, like removal of graffiti, outdoor pressure washing, and shredded paper or sharps container disposal.

A free quote should be easy to obtain from any company that is being considered. Most office cleaning services have a set routine down pat that allows them to finish their job in a timely and efficient manner, leaving no trace of them behind except for a sparkling clean office.