How To Prep Your Hot Tub For Winters

It’s been a great summer across most of North America. That is of course for the west coast which was ravaged with forest fires and water shortages. As September has arrived, fall and winter is not to far away. The next two seasons are prime hot tubs seasons and if you own a hot tub, you’ll need to prep it for the coming months.

One of the best ways to enjoy a hot tub is to use it in cold weather to warm yourself up. Calgary is no stranger to the cold, and if you are spending your winter here you can rely on your hot tub to remain functioning well throughout the season. World of Spas in Calgary would like to provide tips below for how to keep your hot tub in use during the winter. By following these steps, you can prevent your hot tub from having to heat itself too often, which will keep costs down.

1. Clean the Tub

A hot tub will run most efficiently when it has been cleaned before use in a harsh temperature. To get your tub cleaned, drain out the water and scrub the tub, vents, and filters with a spa cleanser.

2. Refill the Tub and Turn Freeze Protection on

After refilling the hot tub with water, use your instruction manual to determine how you can turn on freeze protection. You may be able to do this by turning on “standard mode,” and a sensor in the hot tub with monitor the climate. If the temperature goes below a specific level, a pump in your tub will regularly turn on to prevent freezing.

3. Use a Secure Cover when the Tub is not in Use

To keep heat in as much as possible, so the pump will not have to run too often, make sure the cover for your hot tub is very secure. Keep it on at all times when no one is using the hot tub.

You can keep your hot tub protected during the cold Calgary winter by cleaning it and being conscious of the need to keep the cold air out as much as possible. World of Spas is a hot tubs Calgary dealer and we have cleaning supplies and accessories, in addition to our North American manufactured hot tubs, so we’ve got you covered for the winter.