How To Prepare For A Stress Free Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is normally the first place that people want to renovate. Because of this there can higher than normal stress levels. Here are some ways to prepare for a stress free kitchen reno.

–       Detailed discussions about timeline with your kitchen cabinets Victoria supplier and installer will do wonders for your renovation stress level. It will help you keep expectations realistic and prevent misunderstandings.

–       Do a really thorough “junk out”. Simplify your renovation by getting rid of excess clutter in your kitchen. Anything you haven’t used in a year you really don’t need. If you have a tonne of this stuff laying around donate it to your favorite charity thrift shop.

–       Pack up the less frequently used items just after your kitchen cabinets  have been ordered. Leave the favorites and more frequently used items until closer to the start of the renovation. Remember to label the boxes.

–       The day before your renovation is to begin is when you’ll want to pack up the last reVisualizer

ems. Again, labelling these boxes is important as they will be the ones you’ll want to unpack first. You’ll want to leave a few items accessible, like dish soap, can openers, and a few utensils, microwave.

–       Make a plan for handling dishware. Some families opt for disposable cups and plates. Some plan to wash dishes in another sink, like the bathroom or laundry room.

–       Have a list of your favorite take out restaurants ready. If you have a plan in advance for meals, it will help avoid the feeling of overwhelm when you arrive home from work tired and hungry, then  remember you have no kitchen. Save menus to your favorites of your internet browser or start collecting menus ahead of time.

–       This is a great time to enjoy your local park with a picnic, this is easy if you live in a beautiful city like Victoria BC! Roasting hot dogs over the fire are a perfect way to actually enjoy your renovation time, instead of letting it stress you out. Take your food to a local swimming pool or lake. Getting away from the renovation while feeding yourself and your family solving two problems at once.

–       Make use of the backyard BBQ. Have a list of meals that can all be cooked on the BBQ with very little preparation needed. Also ensure you have enough propane on hand. The last thing you need is a hungry family, a good meal ready to go and no propane to cook with.

–       If you’re not the type of person who can eat a lot of take out, check out the deli section of your local grocery store. Often you can find prepared salads, roasted chickens, sandwiches, sushi and fruit and veggie plates. These can be a much healthier option than eating a greasy burger every night.

–       Great communication with your Victoria BC custom cabinets installer will also make your renovation a lot less stressful.

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