How To Quickly Improve Your Garden

Summer is just weeks away – the time for spending long, relaxing hours in your back yard, enjoying a drink in the shadow and taking the time to play table games at red flush online casino. But what if your garden is not up to the challenge? What can you do to quickly bring it up to your expectations, help it make a good impression and turn it into a welcoming oasis of rest and serenity.

1. Low Stone Walls Add Order to your Garden

Delineating various areas with low stone walls will make your garden look much more ordered and relaxing, not to mention impressive. You can either use stone blocks and mortar, or if you wish to spend more time creating the perfect one, no mortar at all. Another option is to use flagstone, which is flat, and cover an existing wall made of concrete.

2. Make your Front or Back Door Unique

A bit of paint, and maybe some cleverly used accessories, can make your door leading to your garden fit into the scenery. For the front door you can use a lively color and some large numbers for an eye-catching effect. Add a colorful welcome mat, some light fixtures and flower pots to make it complete.

3. Stone Paths

Use flagstone to line out the paths in your garden – from your driveway to the front door, or any other two points in the garden. Plant some solar lights to make it safer for nighttime – these will charge during the day, providing you with an energy efficient lighting solution that will not bother you while stargazing.

4. The Perfect Place for a Fireplace

Even if you don’t have a patio attached to your house, it’s quite easy to create something similar. Use stone for the flooring, rattan or cast iron garden furniture, and don’t forget to add a fireplace to it – making it really cozy for relaxing in the dark.

+1 – Grapes!

Grapevines are a perfect choice for planting in your home garden. Well, don’t imagine huge plantations to provide you with raw materials enough for barrels of wine (making wine is a much more complicated process, with a lot of time consumed), but a source of shade in the high summer. When I was a child I lived in a house with a tiny garden, but we managed to find a place to create an arbor using grapes. It was the peak of every Sunday to gather around the table under the large, green leaves – and the vines provided us with some very tasty fruit as well.