How To Spring Clean Your Home Efficiently

Cleaning a house is not easy and Spring Cleaning is a task not to be taken lightly. Most people tend to ignore this major task or consider it not so important, however, if you consider the amount of dirt and dust that is accumulated in some places over the month not to mention years, this can be hazardous on your health and the health of your children, specifically if you have members of the household that have asthma.

Here are some tips to consider when considering a Spring Cleaning for your house or any dwelling before hiring any professional help:

  1. Start by first clearing all clutter in the space and throwing away unnecessary and not needed items. This is the most important item in this list that I would highly recommend. Clutter is bad for health, mental focus and energy. You can even sell those items that you don’t use any more in a garage sale!
  2. Store away the clothes that are done for the season. For example, your coats and boots.
  3. Start with a step by step approach. You always want to address as indicated first the clutter and throwing away items, next you want to start to look at how to clean your house. Cleaning the house is a long process and its always recommended to get professional help.
    Selecting a Good cleaning company is a hard task as you want to make sure they will clean the little details including the dusting behind appliances, on blinds and most important as well the light fixtures and in between grout in the bathroom. Don’t forget inside appliances as well. We have researched many companies and some of the features we look for click here>>.
  4. Start clockwise in your house and make sure to cover all grounds and behind items. You would need to move furniture and this means calling sometimes for professional help. You would also need professional help cleaning the exterior of the windows.
  5. After addressing the cleaning of the house, move to the outside of the house and start cleaning the barbeque. This will need to be soaked, possibly a few days before working on it.
  6. Professionally clean the Carpets, windows, mattresses and rugs. I would recommend doing that so that you can get the best cleaning possible. You can also rent professional equipment to do this job though for window cleaning this task can be dangerous in some situations.
  7. Also, you would need to clean your gutter and ducts thoroughly at least once every 2 years. This will need time to remove and clean them from inside and might need additional help from some experts Montreal Maid Services as well.
  8. If you have a chimney that will also need to be cleaned all the way from top of the roof till the bottom. There are ways to do it yourself by burning dried, cured wood and Closing the damper. Though Make sure all smoke detectors as this can be hazardous and cause the fire alarm to trigger.