I Bet You Didn’t Know This About Lead-Free Kitchen Faucets

Lead-free faucets

When you hear the word lead, you may start thinking things that may not be so pleasant, and you may even feel your heart rate increase slightly. It is okay; “lead” is a thing of the past. The new word around the block is “lead-free”. In recent years, brass alloys have significantly replaced the use of lead in faucets, and many manufactures are now offering lead-free faucets.

Is that your heart decreasing? It’s okay, you can breathe now. The materials now used are bismuth, silicon, selenium, and phosphorus which, when mixed together, create different properties depending the amount and the process used.

Stainless steel—what is the big deal?

Stainless steel faucets are not only shiny, but also have many, many advantages that just cannot compare to any other type of faucets. For one thing, stainless steel, with its lead-free base, is much, much safer and healthier than in the past. Stainless material has strong corrosion resistance; therefore, no substance will pass through and put your health in danger.

The water will remain pure and clean, and you can go to sleep peacefully knowing you do not have to increase your health insurance.

Corrosion resistance does not only come in handy for health reasons; it has stylistic and appearance advantages, too. Stainless steel does not rust or fade away. Seriously, no discoloration—you know those gross, ugly, icky yellow, brown spots that seem to appear out of nowhere? Yup, this does not happen with stainless steel faucets.

Stainless steel also does not react with food or water, so your food will not taste like residual metal. Your water will be able to retain it is refreshing, clean, tasteless flavor, too. Yes! Nothing compares to tasteless, fresh water. Stainless steel also has a very long life span. It can last decades if properly maintained. That is longer than most relationships today (now that is a commitment).

Lastly, everyone can get down with the variety of styles available with stainless steel faucets. If you like the sleek, elongated look, they’ve got that. If you like the warped, weird style, they’ve got that, too. You like the double handles with the twisting, snake-like attachment? Yup, that is there, too. Stainless steel faucets have many, many choices to choose from to fit anybody’s style.

Wait, what is the price?

Prices for stainless steel faucets are very affordable, and on top of that, the fact that they are lead-free is just another bonus. No, seriously, you do not have to cut you arm or leg off. Yes, you can name your child whatever you like, you do not have to name them Lead, after Lead-free faucets. Individuals of all income levels are able to have the advantages of high-quality, luxurious, elongated, warped faucets if they like.

Prices range from as low as $300 dollars to $1000 dollars for those who may have a bit of an expansive taste. No matter the price, there are still many different styles to choose from.

What kind of styles?

Okay, calm down; here are two styles: Joystick and the Swing Snake. Have you ever heard of the Joystick? No? Oh, it is the faucet of many faces. No matter your style, whether modern or traditional, it will blend with your taste. This sleek, elongated, modern chrome-brushed nickel finish can be a smile on any one’s face and a nice flare to any home. It is easy to install and can accommodate any type of kitchen sink. Exactly: the tap with no fuss.

Have you ever heard of the Swing Snake faucet? No? Really, where have you been? Living under a rock? Don’t worry, you’ll love it. The Swing Snake is a faucet that looks like—you guessed it—a snake. This a high-end Italian Faucet. That is right! It’s Italian! Very fancy, eh? Nothing but the best when you get the Swing Snake faucet.

The Swing Snake Faucet creates an atmosphere of sophistication, yet seems to quietly hide in the background. It holds a strong presence, but not enough to drift one’s attention from the rest of the room.

What now?

Now that you know the advantages of lead-free faucets, its stainless and beautiful capabilities, and its versatility of style, you are free to go and shop.

This article was written by Coy Starkweather, who believes that no kitchen design is complete without beautiful kitchen sink faucets.