In Halifax, Keeping A Dry Basement Is A Common Concern

Your basement is often the biggest problem area in your home if you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The number one problem with basements anywhere in the world is mould, and this is even more applicable to wet Halifax basements. Radon gas is the second most severe problem. When it comes to your basement, you have to be pro-active to stop damages from escalating. Basement waterproofing is one such preventive measure that treats little issues in your basement before disaster strikes. For flooded basements in Halifax and across Nova Scotia, this measure is even more important.

In order to keep a dry, clean basement, you can count on interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Interior waterproofing is ideal if you live in an area where exterior waterproofing is next to impossible or if digging is deemed too costly and inconvenient. Interior proofing would reduce any damp smells, lower your energy costs, and can also lead to overall better health. Exterior waterproofing increases your property’smarket value and increases the strength of your basement’s walls. It is an excellent measure to stop water from entering and ruining your investment.


You can easily hire local and professional services to make your basement even safer than usual; these organizations are also capable of foundation repair services. This means any acid damage to the basement would be avoided and you can also stop wall erosion from escalating. If you have any cracks throughout your basement, companies can seal them permanently, preventing your foundation from being damaged or any other hazards from developing. If your basement wall looks unstable because of damage from water and other factors, they can use professional wall stabilization services, which can ensure that your wall does not collapse by releasing any built-up pressure. This will truly make the basement safer for you and your family.

If your basement is suffering from a mould infestation, you need to hire providers to help you with professional foundation crack repairs in The Valley immediately because of the threat of bronchial issues, asthma, and various other allergies to you and your family. It would also cause structural decay to your basement. Choose a professional service that offers free air quality checks for mildew, mould, and radon gas. The best products to make your basement a safer place are sump pumps, sump pits, and heavy duty back-up systems—all of which can be provided by expert technicians.

Choose someone you can rely on—someone with experience, training, and licensed workers, and someone who understands the wet east coast climate. Don’t take any chances with your basement and reap the rewards of a fully dry, safe, and secure home.