Ingenious Genre Of Painting You Can Easily Get At Online Art Gallery

Different styles and varieties of paintings exist in India. Many styles have evolved out with time. Here are few genres explained.

Indian culture is vivid and vast. Their origins go way back into the past. Similarly, India art has spread into different genres. Indian art can be seen on different locations around India which have now become major tourist destinations, for example Ajanta and Ellora caves. The other style in which art exists is n the form of “Miniature paintings”. They are popular for the depiction of traditions of India. These paintings are exhibited in art galleries all over the world and they can even be found at any online art gallery. In fact online art gallery has become a common spot for people to buy paintings to decorate their homes and offices and for other decorative purposes.

Different artists use different mediums to create miniature paintings. Some are done on a piece of cloth and others on piece of paper. With time, modern techniques have explored the intermediates of painting which has led to an increase in creativity. These paintings may look similar and they may seem to have similar painting styles but if you go under minute details you will get to know the differences. This is how you will notice that how categories exist in this genre as well!! If you look for style of paintings at any art gallery online, you will definitely find miniature paintings sub-divided into following:

Madhubani Paintings:Also known as Mithila paintings, Madhubani art originated in a small village of Bihar. It is believed that Janakraj, father of Rani Sita from the Hindu epic, “Ramayana” asked some painters to depict the marriage ceremony and all those rituals in their paintings. This is how the tradition of Madhubani paintings is assumed to come into existence.
Madhubani paintings are usually done by women of Bihar. It is now been considered as a revenue for earning money. Government has encouraged these women to continue their creativity for a good living. Initially, these were done on mud walls of huts but gradually, they stared to create designs on cloth, paper and canvas as well. Canvas is the most popular medium by now and it displayed in markets  and these paintings can be bought from art gallery online. Even the mode of painting style employed in varies in paintings. These can be done using a brush, twig, fingers, matchsticks etc. which creates overwhelming patterns.

Themes of Madhubani art revolve around life of Ram and Sita and other mythological Gods and Goddesses like Krishna, Durga, Saraswati etc.   Apart from devotional aspects, Madhubani art is also known for portrayal of moon, the sun, a plant and other natural objects. The main aim of these painting is to not leave any blank space and that is why flora and fauna can also be noticed in the paintings.

Tanjore Paintings:This paintings style commenced in 16th century in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. It is widely known and can be distinguished because of its contemporary paintings style. The colors incorporated in these paintings are flamboyant which makes it appealing to the human eye. The paints used are versatile and this gives a lasting impression about the painting. There versatility has been talked about all over the world. People are decorating their homes and offices by these paintings since ages! The themes often relate to the religious aesthetics of South India and thus are portrayed in puja rooms and other places of elegance. Artists in these paintings try to evoke or express the power of Love, beauty and Almighty.

Rajasthani Paintings:Rajput paintings emerged out in 18th century in the largest state of India, Rajasthan. Life of Lord Krishna and other stories from Mahabharata and most commonly illustrated in Rajput paintings. The great Hindu epic, Ramayana has also been portrayed in some of the Rajput paintings. Major form of Rajput art exists on walls and building of ancient palaces and forts.  Inner chambers of different royal courts are filled with Rajput art. This is one of the major reasons why Rajasthan is a major tourism destination in India. Different minerals and plant source have been brought to use to extract colors for these paintings. Gold, silver and other costly stones were also processed for obtaining colors in earlier times.

Mughal Paintings:Who isn’t familiar with the rule of Mughal dynasty over India, especially Akbar? History books are filled with the description of rule of Mughals on the land of India for many centuries. Mughals together with the development of numerous architectures across India, brought an exceptional amalgam of Indian, Islamic and Persian style. These Mughal paintings are popular for the illustrations of battles, receptions, astounding hunting scenes, the realities of court and other legendary stories. Mughal art is also widely exhibited in Victoria and Albert museum in London. They have a wide collection of extraordinary paintings which mainly belong to India.

Ingenious Genre Of Painting You Can Easily Get At Online Art Gallery

Pattachitra:Pattachitra is a folk painting from Orissa which are generally based on cloth designs. Konark temple is a huge evidence of Pattachitra art. Numerous cave walls in Orissa have sculptures and paintings belonging to Pattachitra style. Konark temple is a special evidence of the existence of this art style.

Indian art expands since old civilizations and an impressive talent is present amid all Indian artists. They have their own sense of design which differentiated them from the other artists around the world.